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What to Ask During an Eye Exam

What to Ask During an Eye Exam

An eye examination is your chance to ask your eye doctor questions. So, why put it off? Our comprehensive optical evaluations are here to help you--and your eyes--and our team is ready to assist with your concerns. 

Unsure of what to ask during an eye exam? Don’t worry. We put together a list of questions for eye doctors that you can choose from and customize to your liking at your next appointment. 

What to Ask During an Eye Exam

When you schedule an eye exam at For Eyes, you’ll meet with an Independent Doctor of Optometry. These professionals are certified optometrists who are dedicated to helping patients to the best of their abilities and educating them about proper eye care habits along the way.

Here’s what to ask them during an eye exam:

#1: What happens during the eye exam?

  • The eye doctor will ask you questions about your vision and give you a chance to ask yours as well.
  • Our team will observe your existing contacts or glasses to see if any changes are necessary.  
  • We’ll examine both eyes, together and apart, to get a glimpse into your eye coordination skills. 
  • The optometrist will perform various routine eye tests, including but not limited to a vision test, pupil test, eye movement test, eye pressure test, slit lamp exam, and dilated pupillary exam. 
  • After going over your new prescription (if necessary), the eye doctor will suggest ways to improve your vision loss symptoms, such as limiting screen time due to computer vision syndrome
  • If you need corrective eyewear, the eye care team will fit you for the perfect pair. 

#2: Have you noticed anything different about my vision?

  • The optometrist may inform you about new refractive errors, such as astigmatism, hyperopia, myopia, or presbyopia. 
  • If you’re showing any signs of peripheral or central vision loss, they’ll bring those up and suggest a change in prescription, if necessary. However, if your vision is the same, they’ll likely suggest ways to manage any new symptoms you’re experiencing, rather than updating your prescription.
  • They will let you know if you’re showing symptoms of eye diseases or other problems. (This is one of the reasons why bringing a list of your family’s medical history (as it pertains to eyes) is necessary.)

#3: How can I get contact lenses?

  • Before you can get contact lenses, you’ll need a contact lens exam. This eye examination is similar to a comprehensive eye exam, but it has some extra tests, such as corneal topography and a tear film evaluation.
  • If contacts are right for you, the eye doctor may fit you for them and give you a pair to try out. You’ll need to schedule a follow-up visit in the coming weeks if this happens. 

#4: How can I take better care of my eyes?

  • The eye doctor may stress the importance of annual eye exams due to increased screen time
  • They may provide you with visual exercises to strengthen your eye muscles.
  • The eye team may suggest new types of eyewear to protect your eyes better. These may include blue-light glassesfor heavy computer users or sports goggles for athletes.
  • Since the foods you eat are instrumental to your general health (and eyes), the optometrist may suggest new foods to add to your diet, such as those that are rich in antioxidants

#5: How often do I need a comprehensive eye examination?

  • This depends on your age and eye health, among other factors. 
  • In general, we suggest that everyone has an annual comprehensive eye examination after age 6. 

What to Ask During an Eye Exam 1

Summary: Questions to Ask Your Eye Doctor

There are several questions you can ask your eye doctor about comprehensive eye examinations. The primary goal of all is how you can improve the condition of your eyes and vision. 

Need some ideas on what to ask during an eye exam? Start with what to expect during the eye check-up, what your eye doctor has noticed about your vision, how you can get contacts, how you can better manage your eye health, and how often you need an eye exam. 

If you have any more questions, feel free to bring them up during the eye appointment. We’re here to assist you. 


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