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Tag: eye care

  1. What Causes Darkened Vision?

    What Causes Darkened Vision? If you ever experience sudden vision changes, it’s okay to be alarmed. After all, you might be trying to figure out what caused them and what you can do to restore your eyesight. Sometimes, the changes might be as simple as blurry vision, and other times, you may have a grey area in your field of view, or things may appear dimmer than usual. Read more...
  2. Are Hard Contact Lenses a Good Choice?

    Are Hard Contact Lenses a Good Choice? Did you know that 45 million people in the U.S. use contacts, with the majority being nearsighted? No matter your age, the idea of wearing contact lenses is appealing since you can conceal the fact that you’re wearing corrective eyewear while maintaining the prescription power you need.  Most people prefer soft lenses due to the comfortable Read more...
  3. Which Contact Lenses Can You Sleep In?

    Which Contact Lenses Can You Sleep In? Were you aware that nearly 33 percent of adults have fallen asleep while wearing contacts? We understand the struggle. After all, who wants to get out of bed and remove contact lenses after forgetting to take them out?  Sometimes, it feels like removing them when you’re tired can take forever. And other times, you might be so comfy in your Read more...
  4. What Is Included in a Full Eye Exam?

    What Is Included in a Full Eye Exam? When most people call an eye doctor’s office, they’re looking for a clinical examination of the eye (or a full eye exam). This appointment is the gateway to better vision, as it gives your optometrist a chance to inspect your eye health and make recommendations based on your individual needs.  But what is included in a full eye exam? Read more...

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