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Tag: Eye doctor

  1. What Causes Darkened Vision?

    What Causes Darkened Vision? If you ever experience sudden vision changes, it’s okay to be alarmed. After all, you might be trying to figure out what caused them and what you can do to restore your eyesight. Sometimes, the changes might be as simple as blurry vision, and other times, you may have a grey area in your field of view, or things may appear dimmer than usual. Read more...
  2. How Much Do Children’s Eye Exams Cost?

    How Much Do Children’s Eye Exams Cost? Per the American Optometric Association (AOA), most children find out they’re nearsighted between ages 3 and 12. This can be a lot for kids to absorb, but managing nearsightedness is easy if caught early on. Often, it only requires prescription eyewear, which your child can get at a comprehensive eye exam.   If you think your child has Read more...

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