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How Much Do Children’s Eye Exams Cost?

How Much Do Children’s Eye Exams Cost?

Per the American Optometric Association (AOA), most children find out they’re nearsighted between ages 3 and 12. This can be a lot for kids to absorb, but managing nearsightedness is easy if caught early on. Often, it only requires prescription eyewear, which your child can get at a comprehensive eye exam.  

If you think your child has refractive issues, such as nearsightedness, an eye appointment is a great place to start. Keep reading to learn how much children’s eye exams cost and what to expect at a child’s eye exam.


How much do children’s eye exams cost?

The cost for children’s eye exams can vary depending on the eye tests used. Your children’s eye doctor may use a vision test, pupil test, eye movement test, and eye pressure test, among others, to check visual acuity. And if your child needs additional vision tests, the price for a kid’s eye exam can change. 

Most children’s eye exams cost between $100 to $200 before insurance. To see if we accept your plan, click here. All you’ll need to do to use your insurance is to double-check we work with your provider, and bring your vision insurance card and photo I.D. into one of our optical stores


What happens at children’s eye doctor appointments?

A child’s eye exam is close to an adult’s eye exam. After checking in at the front counter, you and your child will meet the Independent Doctor of Optometry, who will lead the exam. The optometrist will take you both into an exam room, where they’ll have your child sit in a chair and discuss any vision concerns. 

After your conversation, the optometrist will perform several routine eye tests, including a vision test using a child eye test chart or toddler eye exam chart, depending on your little one’s age. The full eye appointment can take between an hour tdo an hour and a half. At the end, the eye doctor may prescribe glasses

eye doctor kid

Will you get the children’s eye test results explained?

At For Eyes, we recognize that you want to know what is happening with your child’s vision. For this reason, our eye doctors make it a top priority to explain your children’s eye test results and respond to your questions. 

Part of our comprehensive eye exam service is personalized vision advice. To give you the best feedback on your child’s eyesight, our team will explain the level of visual acuity in understandable terms, and we may suggest other ways to improve your child’s vision besides corrective eyewear. If we have any eye health concerns, we’ll express them during the eye exam as well. 


Summary: What is the price of children’s eye exams?

Children’s eye exams are essential to help the eyes develop as they should. And while you may understand the importance of annual eye exams, you may be curious about how much they cost.

The majority of children’s eye exams cost $100 to $200 before insurance. Keep in mind that the total price can vary based on the tests the eye doctor uses. For most exams, they’ll conduct vision, pupil, eye movement, and eye pressure tests, but these may change depending on your child’s eyes. 

At the appointment, the optometrist will go over your child’s eye test results to help you better understand what to expect regarding their vision. They may also send your little one home with their first pair of corrective eyewear. 

No matter how long it’s been since your child’s last eye appointment, our team can help. So, don’t delay.

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