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Tag: 20/30 vision

  1. Do I Need Glasses for 20/30 Vision?

    Do I Need Glasses for 20/30 Vision? A visual acuity test is the first step toward finding out if you need glasses. If you have 20/20 vision, based on your eye test, your vision is standard, allowing you to see what the majority of people do from 20 feet away.  What does 20/30 vision mean? It indicates that you can observe something at 20 feet that others see from 30 feet away. Read more...
  2. What Does 20/30 Vision Mean?

    What Does 20/30 Vision Mean? When you think about eyesight, the phrase that often comes to mind is: 20/20 vision. This may be mistaken for “perfect” vision when, in reality, it’s average.  People with 20/20 vision do tend to have great central vision. However, they may have issues with eye coordination, peripheral vision, and understanding how far away objects are Read more...

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