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Tag: 20/30 vision

  1. Do I Need Glasses for 20/30 Vision?

    Do I Need Glasses for 20/30 Vision? Is it ever challenging for you to see? If so, an eye exam is in order. One of the things your eye doctor will do is a visual acuity test. That will tell them–and you–if you need glasses. Let’s say you had 20/20 vision at your last eye exam. This is standard vision, which means that you could clearly say what most other people could at a Read more...
  2. What Does 20/30 Vision Mean?

    What Does 20/30 Vision Mean? The chances are you’ve heard about 20/20 vision. It’s what most people hope for when going in for an eye exam, thinking that if you have 20/20 vision, you have no eye problems and have no need for glasses. Contrary to popular belief, though, 20/20 vision doesn’t necessarily mean your eyesight is perfect. Technically, it’s the average Read more...

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