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Do I Need Glasses for 20/30 Vision?

Do I Need Glasses for 20/30 Vision?

A visual acuity test is the first step toward finding out if you need glasses. If you have 20/20 vision, based on your eye test, your vision is standard, allowing you to see what the majority of people do from 20 feet away. 

What does 20/30 vision mean? It indicates that you can observe something at 20 feet that others see from 30 feet away. In other words, you’d need to move 10 feet closer to the focal point to see. 

Do you need glasses for 20/30 vision? Let’s evaluate. 

Do I need glasses for 20/30 vision?

Your visual sharpness might not be as strong as most people’s vision, but it’s not far below average if you have 20/30 vision. Many people with this level of visual acuity see fine without corrective lenses. 

Several factors play roles in whether you need glasses for 20/30 vision. For instance:

  • Does your lifestyle require the most precise vision? 20/30 vision may suffice in most occupations, but there are times when 20/20 vision is preferred. For instance, if you’re a pilot or spend a lot of time on the road, you might need clearer vision to ensure you can see your surroundings the best. Glasses can correct your vision to 20/20 in most cases--at least while you’re wearing your eyewear
  • Do you have any vision loss symptoms? If you’re experiencing blurry vision, eye irritation, or headaches, you might have a refractive error, such as astigmatism. This condition may develop throughout your life, meaning that your symptoms can worsen. Special glasses or contacts are often used to adjust how light infiltrates your eyes, which can help you process images better and alleviate some of your vision loss symptoms. 

No matter your visual acuity, seeing an eye doctor should be a top priority if you fear your vision is impacting your quality of life. If you’ve never had a comprehensive eye exam before, don’t worry, as it’s harmless. Your eye doctor will assess your eye health and vision via several tests before prescribing corrective lenses. 

And if you prefer contact lenses, all you’ll need is a contact lens exam. Just know that contacts don’t work for everyone. Your optometrist will let you know which form of vision correction is right for your eyes and take your input into which option you prefer. 

Does a child with 20/30 vision need glasses?

According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), vision issues in kids can lead to problems at school and with friends and sports. Getting the right eye care can help your child overcome these issues, which can lead to better performance in the classroom and beyond. 

If your child has 20/30 vision and is experiencing any of these symptoms, glasses may be helpful:

  • Eye discomfort or tired eyes
  • Headaches
  • Shutting an eye to read or use the computer
  • Tilting their head to see better 

Keep in mind that your child’s eyes and vision may change the older they get. Myopia, for instance, can begin when your little one enters school and worsen into their early 20s. 

So, the best way to see if your child needs glasses for 20/30 vision is to work with an optometrist. Be sure to schedule your child an annual comprehensive eye exam so that the eye doctor can monitor their vision and determine the best form of correction (if necessary). 

Do I need glasses for 20/30 vision

Summary: Are prescription lenses required for a 20/30 vision prescription?

20/30 vision suggests that you can view details from 30 feet away than the average person can make out at 20 feet away. So, while your vision isn’t perfect, it’s not far below average. 

To see if you need glasses for 20/30 vision, consider whether your eyesight is affecting your quality of life. The same applies to your child. Ask yourself, ‘Is my child’s vision prescription affecting how they do at school or in sports? Do they have any vision loss symptoms?’ 

If so, glasses may be worth it. They can clear your vision up to 20/20 (or better), depending on your eyes. So, if you feel you need glasses, don’t worry, as many people do. Simply call your nearest optometrist, and have our team set you up with an appointment.


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