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How Long Does It Take for Children to Adjust to Glasses?

How Long Does It Take for Children to Adjust to Glasses?

Getting new glasses can be both exciting and slightly uncomfortable for some children. If your child doesn’t like wearing their new glasses, they may need more time to adjust. 

How long does it take for children to adjust to glasses? 

Whether your child is new to glasses or has had a recent prescription change, the adjustment period might be difficult. It can take a few days, or a few weeks, for your child’s eyes to get used to the new eyewear.

During this adjustment period, your child may experience mild symptoms of having new glasses. Symptoms may include blurry vision, eye strain, or headaches. 

These side effects may cause your child to refuse to wear their glasses, but what you can do is remind them that the symptoms won’t last long. The adjustment period will come to an end, and their eyes will feel better. 

How can you get your child to wear glasses during the adjustment period?

Start With Intervals: Because the adjustment to new glasses can be challenging for children, take baby steps. Have your child start by wearing their glasses for 15 minutes per day, and increase the duration over the next few days.

Create a Routine: Creating a schedule is essential. Make wearing glasses a part of your child’s daily tasks. Ask your child to put their glasses on when they get ready for school and to take them off when it's time for bed. Eventually, wearing glasses will be normal for your child. 

Words of Encouragement: Let them know that they look great in glasses and that you’re proud of them for wearing them. Encouragement can go a long way with helping a child feel good in their new eyewear.

Give Examples: Look for someone your child admires who wears glasses. Let your child know that they aren’t alone.

Summary: How long does it take for children to adjust to new glasses?

Your child’s glasses should be a proper fit, and if you believe that is part of the adjustment problem, you can have your child’s glasses adjusted for free at For Eyes.

The answer to the question, ‘How long does it take for children to adjust to new glasses?’, is: it varies from child to child, but generally, it is no more than a few days to a few weeks. The adjustment period, including adjusting to the symptoms of new glasses, doesn’t have to be complicated.

With the right education and support, your child will be wearing their new eyewear in no time. 


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