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Tag: new glasses

  1. How Often Should You Get New Glasses’ Frames?

    How Often Should You Get New Glasses’ Frames? With as much time as the average person wears glasses, it’s necessary to replace the frames every so often. Your frames can wear down, accumulate dirt, and even break over time. This makes it essential to understand when to get new eyewear to ensure your eyes never go without vision correction. How often should you get new glasses’ frames? Read more...
  2. How to Get New Glasses Fast

    How to Get New Glasses Fast With over 150 million people wearing glasses or contacts in the U.S. alone, you might have questions about wearing corrective lenses. For instance: How do you know when to get glasses for farsightedness? Should you get new glasses or change your prescription?  What are the signs your child needs glasses? When is the right time to get Read more...

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