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How to Get New Glasses Fast

How to Get New Glasses Fast

With over 150 million people wearing glasses or contacts in the U.S. alone, you might have questions about wearing corrective lenses. For instance:


If so, this blog is for you. Today, we’re going to show you the steps on how to get new glasses fast. Let’s get started. 

How to Get New Glasses Fast

At For Eyes, we believe in keeping things simple and transparent for our customers. With every purchase of glasses, you’ll receive complimentary lifelong service (free adjustments for life) and a full satisfaction guarantee.

Here’s how to get new glasses fast:


Step #1: Have a comprehensive eye exam.

Before you can get new glasses, you’ll need to have a comprehensive eye exam with a certified optometrist (or Independent Doctor of Optometry). For Eyes has many friendly optometrists in cities across the U.S. and Puerto, giving you an abundance of options in finding the right place for your eye care.

To prepare for your optical exam, we suggest writing down any symptoms you’ve had, in addition to a quick synopsis of your family’s medical history. Bring these lists along with your vision insurance card and photo I.D. for a more efficient exam and check-in process. 


Step #2: Find out your prescription.

During your comprehensive eye examination, which will take between an hour to an hour and a half, the eye doctormay run the following tests:

  • A vision test
  • A pupil test
  • An eye movement test
  • An eye pressure test
  • A slit lamp exam
  • A dilated pupillary exam 

These tests will tell the optometrist what your eye prescription is so they can recommend the best types of glasses. Based on your symptoms, they may suggest single-vision lenses, multifocal lenses, bifocals, or something else. 

Curious about how to find out what prescription your glasses are? Ask your eye doctor. They’ll be happy to share that information with you. 


Step #3: Choose your glasses.

The last step on how to get new glasses is to pick out your frames. For Eyes has a large assortment of glasses to choose from, including brands such as Gucci, Kate Spade, and Oakley. 

Our eye care team will consult with you on the best glasses for your face shape and will ask you if you’d like any add-ons, such as an anti-reflective coating. Check out these blogs for more tips on choosing the best glasses:

How to Get New Glasses Fast 1

Summary: Getting New Eyewear

Do you wish to know how to get new glasses fast? You’ll need to start with a comprehensive eye examination. From there, your eye doctor will provide your prescription, and you can pick out your frames. 

The eye tests will reveal whether you need a new prescription. If you do, you can trust that your optometrist will let you know and recommend modified lenses. 

Just be sure to bring a list of any vision loss symptoms you’ve had since your last appointment to support the results of your eye tests. The symptoms will also indicate whether new glasses might be necessary before the tests begin. 

Whether you’re a first-time glasses’ wearer or suspect you need new frames or a new prescription, our team can take care of you. 


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