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Tag: Optometrist

  1. Is Sudden Dimming of Vision Common in Adults?

    Is Sudden Dimming of Vision Common in Adults? As you get older, it’s not uncommon for your vision to be clear one day and blurry the next. But is it normal to have sudden dimming of vision?  Let’s find out.  Is sudden dimming of vision common in adults? Sudden dimming of vision isn’t standard in adults or children, but it can happen. Think of this symptom as having grey Read more...
  2. Is 20/10 Vision Good?

    Is 20/10 Vision Good? Your visual acuity can affect many things in your life, from how you perceive images to how close you need to be to see them in the first place. Eye doctors use 20/20 vision as a standard for the average person’s vision, and when performing a comprehensive eye exam on your eyes, they’ll use it for you, too. With 20/20 vision being a baseline, Read more...
  3. How Much Do Children’s Eye Exams Cost?

    How Much Do Children’s Eye Exams Cost? Per the American Optometric Association (AOA), most children find out they’re nearsighted between ages 3 and 12. This can be a lot for kids to absorb, but managing nearsightedness is easy if caught early on. Often, it only requires prescription eyewear, which your child can get at a comprehensive eye exam.   If you think your child has Read more...
  4. What Is an Optometrist?

    What Is an Optometrist? Do you ever wonder who the primary person is for you to see when you need an eye exam? You’re not alone. At For Eyes, you may meet eye care professionals with various levels of expertise, and one of the most common is an optometrist.  What is an optometrist? There’s no need to wonder what an optometrist is when you have your good friends Read more...

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