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Score a home run with the right sports goggles.

When you participate in sports and other high-risk activities, protecting your eyes might not be at the forefront of your thoughts. However, your vision is important to us, so we are happy to provide a large selection of sports goggles for children and adults.

Protective eyewear can reduce the amount of vision-related injuries you are bound to experience, whether you are scoring goals for your soccer team, skiing the slopes, or just looking for a new pair of eyeglasses to wear when practicing sports. Let us help you find the right eyewear for you. Keep reading for more information about sports goggles and their many benefits for athletes.


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sports goggles for kids

Why do sports goggles make good eyeglasses to practice sports?

Sports goggles not only ensure that athletes are at a lower risk for eye injury, but they are known for boosting athletic ability. You can use the features of your sports goggles, such as protection from outdoor glare, to give you that extra edge on the playing field.

You won’t find better eyewear than sports goggles if you’re looking for eyeglasses to practice sports, and they are wonderful for children. Most children are active and adventurous at heart, and they need a durable pair of eyeglasses that allows them to embrace that sense of wonder.

Most of our sports goggles feature impact-resistant, polycarbonate lenses, which can be useful while playing sports such as baseball or football. Polycarbonate lenses also protect your eyes from UV light. If your sports goggles do not come automatically with polycarbonate lenses, we can add them. This makes them an excellent option for children.

Additionally, children tend to get hurt more often than adults. Because of this, it’s worth it to consider sports goggles to prevent eye injuries that may affect your child. Of course, if your child plays sports, they should also have the additional protection of sports goggles to protect their eyes from high-impact injuries caused by things such as baseballs and hockey pucks.

With the right sports goggles, you can dedicate your time and energy to giving your best effort in your chosen sport, rather than the playing environment surrounding you. Your vision is vital to the future of your athletic performance, so don’t waste time, and pick up a pair at your local For Eyes today.

How should sports goggles fit?


One thing to consider when purchasing sports goggles for kids is to measure them to get a proper fit. Without the proper fit, the sports goggles may not protect your child as efficiently, and the threat of eye injury is still present. 

Children are also less likely to wear their sports goggles if they do not fit. A fit that is too loose or too tight can cause discomfort and leave marks on the face. An improper fit can also affect your child’s peripheral vision, which may lead to further risk of injury, as well as poor performance while playing their sport of choice.

You will want to check your child’s sports goggles every year to ensure the best fit possible and to ensure that they can use them for the upcoming sports season. The protective padding inside the sports goggles for kids should rest against your child’s face, and their eyes should sit in the middle of each lens.



Similarly to the fit of children’s sports goggles, your goggles should rest flat against your face, not too loose or too tight. You want to have your eyes centered in the lenses and for the sports goggles to be secure on your face, without slipping.

How can you customize your sports goggles?

Frames and Lenses

At For Eyes, we offer many different frames specific to whatever athletic activity or sport you play, including sports that entail the use of helmets and other protective gear. There are even sports goggles that are produced with the intention of fitting into helmets.

There are also various options for frames when searching for eyeglasses to practice sports. Your sports goggles may include a rubberized material or a hard plastic material reminiscent of sunglasses. Some frames utilize both materials, with rubber accents to prevent the frames from coming in contact with the face or skin. Depending on which sport you play, you may want to consider wraparound sports goggles, to prevent damage to the sides of the face, as well as injuries that can be caused by direct frontal contact to the eye. 

You might also think about different features for your frames to maximize comfort and ensure the best performance possible in whatever sport you play. Examples of these can include adjustable straps and nose pads to get the maximum use out of your sports goggles. Adjustable nose pads also prevent the eyeglasses from slipping off your face during gameplay. Whatever your preference is, there are a variety of styles and customization choices for you to select at For Eyes, and we can help you choose the options that best suit your needs. 


Special Coatings

In addition to the impact-resistant, polycarbonate lenses, you can add several lens coatings to boost the functionality of your sports goggles. While polycarbonate lenses are more durable than other lenses, they are still susceptible to scratching, so we recommend also to treat your lenses with an anti-scratch coating to prevent this. An anti-scratch coating can strengthen and protect the surface of the lenses.

An anti-reflective coating is also a useful addition to any pair of sports goggles, as it can prevent halos and glares caused by natural lighting. For those who play a lot of outdoor sports, this is sure to help out and lessen eye strain when on the playing field. 

If you are someone who enjoys winter sports, such as skiing or snowboarding, an anti-reflective coating can prevent the harmful glare that reflects off of the snow on either sunny or cloudy days. Protecting your eyes with anti-reflective lenses is beneficial for the future of your vision health.

It shouldn’t be expensive to protect your eyes. That’s where the For Eyes Sports Program comes in.

Free registration in the For Eyes Sports Program provides your members with quality vision protection at 40-60 percent less than other leading optical providers.

This program offers a variety of stylish sports goggles for single-vision progressive and non-prescription wearers–all of which meet ASTM F803 standards. A protective case and polycarbonate lenses are included at no extra charge.

How to Get Started:

Step #1: Register your school or organization by emailing and listing your group’s name and the number of members. 

Step #2: Once registered, we’ll send you For Eyes Safety Vouchers for all of your eligible members. At any time, you can request additional vouchers by emailing These vouchers can be redeemed for exclusive sports goggles discounts at any For Eyes location. Click here to find your nearest store.

How much do sports goggles cost?


  • $149 Complete (with polycarbonate lenses)
  • $110 Non-Rx

For Eyes Sports Program*:

  • $99 Complete ($50 discount)
  • $85 Non-Rx ($25 discount)


*Polycarbonate lenses are FREE!

ASTM F803 Standards

Our sports goggles pass ASTM F803 standards for the following sports:

sports goggles astm standards chart

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