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How to Get Started

Register your school or organization with an e-mail request to, listing your group’s name and number of members. Once registered, we’ll provide you with For Eyes Safety Vouchers listing your school or organization’s name. These vouchers can be distributed to all of your eligible members.

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How the Program Works

For Eyes vouchers are redeemable for exclusive sports goggles discounts at any For Eyes location (visit to find your most convenient location). Once registered, additional vouchers for your members can be requested at


$149 Complete (with poly lenses)
$110 Non-Rx


$99 Complete ($50 discount)
$85 Non-Rx ($25 discount)
Poly lenses are free!

Eye care shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. That’s where the For Eyes Sports Program comes in.

Free registration in the For Eyes Sports Program provides your members with quality vision protection at prices 40% – 60% less than other leading optical providers.
The program offers a variety of stylish sports goggles for single-vision progressive and non-prescription wearers—all of which meet ASTM F803 standards. A protective case and polycarbonate lenses are included at no extra charge.

ASTM F803 Standards

Passes ASTM F803 standards for the following sports:

sports goggles astm standards chart

ProX Rx Sports Goggles

ProX Rx Sports Goggles Features:

  • Fully adjustable temples with interchangeable strap adapt
  • Expanded viewing field and venting for reduced fogging
  • Replaceable nose bridge (silicone- and latex-free)
  • Sports Package includes: interchangeable strap-adapt, temple strap, deluxe zipper case and 7” x 7” cleaning cloth
  • Meets ASTM F803 impact standards
RX Sports Goggles
1. Frame with adjustable sports strap

RX Sports Goggles

Graphite Sports Goggles
Matte Graphite
Black and blue Sports Goggles
Matte Black/Blue
White Sports Goggles
Shiny White/Lime
Matte Black Sports Goggles
Matte Black
Shiny Black Sports Goggles
Shiny Black/Red
Shiny Navy Sports Goggles
Shiny Navy
Shiny Red Sports Goggles
Shiny Red

C2 Rx Sports Goggles

C2 Rx Sports Goggles Features:

  • Expanded viewing field – up to 20 degrees greater
  • Fully adjustable temples with interlocking strap
  • Replaceable nose bridge (silicone- and latex-free)
  • Sports Package includes: adjustable strap, Fogbuster™ lens treatment, deluxe zipper case and 7” x 7” cleaning cloth
  • Meets ASTM F803 impact standards

c2 rx sports goggles

Black Sports Goggles
Navy Sports Goggles
Camo Sports Goggles
Sand Camo
Pink Camo Sports Goggles
Pink Camo
Gunmetal Sports Goggles
Purple Sports Goggles
Silver Sports Goggles
Red Sports Goggles