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Is Sudden Brightness in Vision Normal?

Is Sudden Brightness in Vision Normal?

The ability to see light is a requirement for clear vision. If your eye lens takes on an abnormal form, your eyes can’t direct light to the retina, which can cause blurry vision. This is the case with many refractive errors, such as astigmatism

While you need to process light to see, you might wonder if sudden brightness in vision is normal. In general, any light flashes or changes in color perception indicate eye issues that need immediate medical attention. Keep reading to learn more. 

What causes sudden brightness in vision? 

Sudden brightness in vision can take many forms, such as well-lit marks in your direct line of sight. These marks may indicate an issue with your retina, so we recommend having a comprehensive eye exam right away if you’re experiencing this symptom. 

Light flashes can also make your vision appear brighter, and when they come with an increased frequency of eye floaters, your eye doctor will want to check for retinal detachment

What causes light flashes? When the material inside your vitreous modifies, it can tug at and harm the retina. Random streaks of light can also occur due to having too much pressure on the retina. So, if your child complains about light flashes or sudden brightness in vision after taking a baseball to the eye during a big game, please get in touch with an optometrist right away. 

Light flashes are also a symptom of migraines. With this condition, you might notice misshaped lines or random lights, which can go on for a half an hour or more. Some migraines may not even hurt your head. They may just give you vision loss symptoms, such as noticing lights in your field of view, which can brighten your vision. 


What should you do if your eyes are sensitive to sunlight? 

Sudden brightness in vision and light sensitivity aren’t necessarily related. Many people’s eyes are sensitive to light. If you experience any sudden photophobia (or “light sensitivity”), it’s best to consult an optometrist to find out what could be causing it. It could be a severe headache or something worse.

Photokeratitis may also be the reason. This indicates a sunburn in your cornea due to being around a high level of ultraviolet (UV) light. While this condition might only last for a few days, prolonged exposure to UV light can have long-term effects on your eyes and put you at risk for age-related eye diseases.

No matter the cause of your light sensitivity, your eye doctor will likely recommend a pair of sunglasses to keep excess UV light out of your eyes. Wear this eyewear anytime you go outdoors for safer eyes, and if you need a prescription for your sunglasses, our team will be happy to set you up with one. 

Is Sudden Brightness in Vision Normal

Summary: Should you worry about sudden brightness in vision or light sensitivity? 

Sudden brightness in vision can happen to anyone, regardless of your age. If your vision appears lighter than usual, consider whether you’ve been noticing any streaks of light. This symptom may suggest problems with your retina, which may require immediate treatment by an optometrist.

If you experience sudden photophobia, remember that it may not always be connected to your sudden brightness in vision. The condition could be a result of spending too much time in the sun and getting a sunburn in your cornea. 

Whether you have light sensitivity or not, call your eye doctor right away if your vision is bright and uncomfortable. One of our skilled Independent Doctors of Optometry can provide a visual assessment to find out what’s happening.


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