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Types of Sunglass Lenses

Sunglasses don’t have to be all about style these days. They can also be about function. In fact many of the features available in sunglass lenses are the same as those available in eyeglass lenses. Learn more about the different types of lenses to know which type best suits your needs.

Sunglass Lens Coatings


Polarized lenses work by filtering and eliminating reflected light so sunlight appears less harsh. They provide higher contrast outdoors so you can see better in direct sunlight. Because of that contrast, these lenses make colors appear more vibrant. Get more information and see if polarized lenses are right for you.


Tinted lenses serve a variety of purposes from increasing contrast in harsh light to making colors truer outdoors. The darker the tint, the more protection from UV rays. And with three different tints to choose from, you can learn about the difference and choose your favorite.


Mirrored lenses make your sunglasses reflective. Their purpose is mostly cosmetic (and a matter of personal preference), but they can also hide your eyes so no one ever quite knows where you’re looking. They can also slightly reduce the amount of light that reaches your eyes. Find out more about mirrored lenses and their benefits here.