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Sunglass Lenses

Your sunglasses should be both stylish and functional. Take your eyewear to the next level with new mirrored, polarized, or tinted lenses.

Find the best sunglasses for you.

You can’t go wrong with For Eyes’ vast selection of men and women’s sunglasses. We carry designer brands from Marc Jacobs to Oakley, and our eye care team is dedicated to consulting with you on the best frames for your style.

But did you know you can customize non-prescription and prescription sunglasses with new lenses? Many of the coatings available in regular eyeglasses are compatible with sunglasses, too. Ask your nearest optical store about the different types of lenses available, or scroll down to learn more.

What lenses can you add to your sunglasses?

The best brands of sunglasses feature high-quality lenses that you can customize to your specifications. You can add scratch-resistant, anti-reflective, and UV-protective coatings, among others. But you can also upgrade your lenses to enhance their purpose even more.

Here are the top three choices we offer at For Eyes:


Mirrored Lenses
Mirrored lenses help your sunglasses reflect light. Their purpose is mostly cosmetic (and a matter of personal preference), but they can also hide your eyes, so no one ever quite knows where you’re looking. As a bonus, they decrease the amount of light that reaches your eyes, which helps with glare.

Why else do people love mirrored lenses? They are perfect for outdoor activities in direct sunlight. They also clear up your field of view while driving and participating in seasonal sports, such as swimming or snowmobiling. This is important because we all know that when you see better, you perform better.

Discover more about the benefits of mirrored sunglasses here.

Polarized Lenses
Polarized lenses filter and eliminate reflected light, making sunlight appear less harsh. They provide a higher contrast outdoors so you can see better in direct sunlight. Due to that contrast, the lenses make colors appear more vibrant, which improves your perception of details.

Many people choose to get their sunglasses polarized since this feature reduces glare and eye fatigue from overexerting your eyes while looking at objects in the bright sunlight. It’s excellent for drivers and even provides additional UV protection to keep your eyes safe when you spend time outdoors.

Get more information about polarized lenses here.

Tinted Lenses
From increasing contrast in harsh lighting to making colors truer outdoors, tinted lenses serve multiple purposes. Remember that the darker the tint, the higher the protection from harmful UV rays. You can choose from three hues, including brown, green, and grey–all excellent options.

If you’re searching for a way to prevent too much light from entering your sunglasses, while still looking fashionable, tinted lenses are the way to go. People who have long commutes to work are most likely to enjoy this fantastic eyewear option.

Find out more about the differences between tinted lenses, and choose your favorite here.

Where can I find discounts and specials on sunglasses?

We recommend visiting the Special Offers section of our website here. You’ll find everyday discounts and deals that can help you save on new corrective lenses, sunglasses, and more.

How can I learn more about the best sunglasses for men and women?

For Eyes has various website pages dedicated to finding the best sunglasses. Click here to browse our selection of men’s sunglasses. If you’re looking for sunglasses for women, start here.

Do I have to purchase prescription lenses for my new sunglasses?

No, you do not. You can purchase sunglasses with or without prescription lenses. However, many people prefer prescription lenses to give the eyes that extra level of visual coverage.

Want to enhance your sunglasses with new lenses?

The next time you visit your local optical store, ask our eye care team for mirrored, polarized, or tinted lenses. We’d love to go over your options and help you find the best fit.