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Why Do My Eyes Go Cross-Eyed Sometimes?

Why Do My Eyes Go Cross-Eyed Sometimes?

Your brain tells your eye muscles when to move, and usually, they look to a single viewing point. But for some people, the eyes focus on a different object in the same moment.

This condition is called crossed eyes (also known as strabismus). It’s often associated with lazy eye (or amblyopia) and tends to emerge in children by age 3. Adults and older kids are also at risk for this eye issue. 

If you have strabismus, you might wonder, ‘Why do my eyes go cross-eyed sometimes instead of nonstop?’ Our eye care team is here to explain.


Why do my eyes go cross-eyed sometimes?

Strabismus symptoms can vary from person to person. Some people’s eyes may be cross-eyed all hours of the day, while others’ eyes may cross if they’re due for a nap or not feeling well. Crossed eyes can also happen if you’re overusing your near vision by reading your favorite book or working on another close-up activity for too long without a break. 

Sudden cross-eyed vision is often nothing to be concerned about if you have strabismus. If you haven’t been diagnosed with this condition and still find your eyes going cross-eyed on occasion, you’ll want to schedule a comprehensive eye exam with an eye doctor near you right away. That symptom could be a sign that you are farsighted, in addition to cross-eyed, and you might need prescription lenses. 

Don’t be alarmed if your infant seems to have crossed eyes. Little ones have thick skin around a part of their eye, and it can get in the way of their vision, giving the impression that they’re cross-eyed when they’re not. 

The older your little one gets, the faster their cross-eyed symptoms can vanish--as long as it’s the skin and not strabismus that is causing them to look cross-eyed. Either way, your child’s eye doctor can tell you for sure. 

We recommend bringing a list of any other symptoms you or your child may have (that are related to crossed eyes or vision loss) to your eye exam. The Independent Doctor of Optometry will use this information to provide the best eye care and better understand your eye health and alignment. 

Why Do My Eyes Go Cross-Eyed Sometimes? 1

What is the best cross-eyed treatment?

If you’d like to know how to fix crossed eyes naturally, a comprehensive eye exam is one of the best ways to start. An optometrist will review your condition, test your vision, and make notes on how your eyes function as a team. 

The best cross-eyed treatment depends on the severity of your condition. Often, corrective lenses can provide you the visual relief you need, as can specific visual exercises. 

If you need contacts or glasses, you’ll likely receive a prescription for farsightedness. Most people who have strabismus are farsighted, and having the right corrective lenses can alleviate some of the visual stress you face every day.


Summary: What causes sudden cross-eyed vision? 

Do you or your toddler get cross-eyed occasionally? This is common for people with strabismus. Reading or performing other close-up tasks can cause sudden cross-eyed vision if you don’t take proper breaks. Exhaustion can also make your eyes cross, among other things.

Cross-eyed treatments can vary depending on the situation. Sometimes, prescription eyewear takes care of your needs, and your eye doctor might also suggest some exercises for crossed eyes. 

Whatever your concerns are with crossed eyes, our experienced optical team is at your service. We’ve assisted others like you since 1972, and we’d love to help you, too. 



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