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Can Prescription Sunglasses Be Polarized?

Can Prescription Sunglasses Be Polarized?

Anytime you purchase eyewear from For Eyes, we’ll ask you if you’d like to add any coatings on the lenses. Polarized lenses are one of our most popular options, acting as a filter that absorbs horizontal light waves while permitting vertical waves to travel through. 

What does this mean? Polarized lenses can eliminate glare by preventing light from moving in multiple directions. They will also give you excellent color perception and a better ability to recognize distances. 

Knowing the benefits of polarized lenses, you might be wondering, ‘Can prescription sunglasses be polarized?’ Let’s discuss. 


Can prescription sunglasses be polarized?

If you enjoy spending time outdoors, then you probably come across water and other surfaces that reflect the sunlight, causing a bright, blinding glare. Maybe you can’t drive with the sunlight reflecting off the road. Either way, you might want to know if prescription sunglasses can be polarized to help with this glare. The great news? They can!

Your prescription sunglasses can have a special coating put on them to polarize them and help eliminate glare and clear up the images you’re viewing through your lenses. The lenses work by transmitting the important data and filtering any light that makes it challenging to see. 


Are polarized sunglasses better than regular sunglasses? 

Polarized sunglasses have many benefits, such as reducing glare and providing better vision without eye fatigue. While looking through the lenses, things may look dark, but they can also be clearer, making them perfect for distance drivers. 

This type of sunglasses can also make your eyes more comfortable because the glare from sunlight won’t be as intense. And our polarized sunglasses are UV protected, which means that they will safeguard your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. 


Summary: Prescription Sunglasses and Polarization

The answer to, ‘Can prescription sunglasses be polarized?’, is yes. Adding polarization to your sunglasses will give you the ability to clear your vision up through the harsh glare of the sunlight reflecting on surfaces. Polarized lenses can also protect your eyes from UV light, making them a fantastic option for seeing outdoors. 

To get your own pair of prescription sunglasses with polarized lenses, all you’ll need to do is contact your local For Eyes. One of our Independent Doctors of Optometry can perform a comprehensive eye exam to find out what your prescription is and then place the order for your special lenses.


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