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Can I Order Contacts Online With Insurance?

Can I Order Contacts Online With Insurance?

If you’re on the lookout for the best place to buy contact lenses online, we have you covered. Our eye specialists are always available in person to help you select your contacts, but if you can’t make it to a store, getting your contacts directly from our website is another option.

While making your purchase, you might be wondering, ‘Can I order contacts online with insurance?’ Let’s take a look.


Ordering Contacts Online With Insurance

The first thing to do when buying contact lenses online is to click here. It’ll take you to our main ordering page and show all of our options for brands of contact lenses. Select your preferred style and brand, and have your prescription information for each eye ready so that you can input it on the next page. 

Once you’ve confirmed your prescription and order quantity, continue onto the next section. It’ll request your eye doctor’s contact information, including their city and state. There’ll also be a place for you to add your last eye exam date and your prescription expiration. 

Next up is the shipping portion. The great news is that you will receive free shipping. (And let’s be honest: who doesn’t love “free?”)

Finally, you’ll make it to the payment page. You can input your card information, but you’ll notice that there won’t be a place to add your insurance. So, if you wish to order contacts online with insurance, know that this option isn’t available at this time. However, you’re welcome to visit us in store at any time to take advantage of your insurance benefits. 


Buying Contact Lenses in Person

Our friendly eye care teams are available most weekdays and some weekends to help you get a new prescription for contacts. Before you can buy contact lenses online or in person, you’ll need to know your eye prescription so that you can get the right level of vision correction.

Scheduling a contact lens exam is the first step toward finding out your prescription. This exam is essential because it can reveal eye issues that require treatment before you can safely wear contacts. Without checking this first, your contacts can worsen your symptoms and feel uncomfortable on your eyes. 

A contact lens exam also allows the optometrist to inspect your eyes from the inside out to make sure contacts are suitable for you. If they are, they’ll recommend the best contact lenses and brands for your eyes.

Once it comes time for ordering your contacts, our helpful eye care staff is at your disposal for any questions and assistance. We can process your insurance and help you get your contacts on time, so while you can’t order contacts online with UnitedHealthcare insurance or other brands, we’re happy to help with it in person at your local optical storeCan I Order Contacts Online With Insurance? 1

Summary: Getting Corrective Lenses Online With Insurance

The right contact lenses can make or break your vision, so why not choose from one of the best? At For Eyes, you can buy contact lenses online right from our website. Just keep in mind that you can’t order contacts online with insurance.

If you’d like to order contacts online with EyeMed insurance or another company, know that while you won’t be able to at this time, you can always stop by one of our optical stores in person. For Eyes has locations throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico, and at each one, we are ready to assist you. 


Time to purchase contact lenses?

Browse our selection of top contact lens brands. We carry daily, weekly and monthly disposables, multifocal and more. Visit your local For Eyes or shop online in just a few clicks.


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