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A comprehensive eye exam is essential for maintaining healthy vision and overall health. And if you are considering contact lenses, finding the right Independent Doctor of Optometry is essential to ensure you get the best care. You can rest assured you have found the best when you schedule your contact lens exam at For Eyes with an Independent Doctor of Optometry.

Ready to schedule your comprehensive exam for contact lenses? Learn more below about exactly what is included in a comprehensive contact lens exam at For Eyes.

What happens during a contact lens exam?

During your contact lens exam, much like a standard eye exam, an eye professional will check the health of your eyes through a series of tests. These tests will check for near- and far-sightedness as well as for eye conditions and diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, and more.

The eye professional will also check for underlying medical conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes which can also be detected during an eye exam. Early detection of these conditions can make treatment easier and more successful.

During or after the exam, you should also ask any questions about your eyes and share any complaints about your vision with your eye professional to address any concern you have.

In addition to all the tests of a standard eye exam, during a contact lens exam the eye professional will also check to see which type of contact lenses are right for your eyes.

We also offer comprehensive eye exams for children because regularly scheduled eye exams are just as vital to your child’s development and overall health as annual physicals.

A contact lens exam includes:

  • Talking about any needs or concerns you have about your vision.
  • Analysis of current contact lenses.
  • Assessment of overall eye health.
  • Examining eyes individually and together.
  • Personal vision advice from the eye professional.
  • Assessment of lens type best suited to you.
  • Ordering the right lenses for you.
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