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What Can I Do If My Glasses Are Too Heavy on My Nose?

Blog, Eye Exam, Eye Information, Eyeglasses, Face Shape

Getting new glasses can be fun, but what if the glasses are too heavy on your nose, causing pain and discomfort? You might find yourself searching for solutions to make your eyewear more comfortable so that you can wear it more often.


If this is you, you’re in luck. Today, we’re going to cover just what to do if your glasses are weighing down your nose. With our help, you’ll learn how to maintain the best comfort without sacrificing your vision correction. 


Let’s get started.

Where should glasses sit on my nose?

How your glasses fit on the nose area can affect many things, such as your overall comfort and visual clarity. When you put on new eyewear, the frames should never feel too tight against your nose. There can be a minimal opening between your nose and the bridge of the glasses–but never any open areas between your nose and the nose pads. 


On children, it can be easier to recognize if eyewear is too big or if the frames don’t fit well on the nose. Oversized glasses can exert too much weight on your little one’s nose, which can make the frames slip. This can inhibit vision, which is why knowing how glasses should fit on a child is just as important as understanding how they should fit on you. 


Another Tip: You and your child’s nose pads should stay put on both sides of the nose. Placement is key. Having the nose pads too far up or down can make them feel too tight on the nose, and in some cases, it can decrease how much oxygen you take in through the nostrils, according to the American Optometric Association (AOA)

What can I do if my glasses are too heavy on my nose? 

Many people wear glasses every day, so making sure they’re comfortable is paramount. If your eyewear squeezes your nose or if your glasses’ nose pads leave marks, the glasses may be too heavy on your nose. 


The best (and fastest) solution? Adjust your nose pads. Don’t worry–it’s simple. Just move the nose pads in or out until they feel comfortable and take the weight off your nose. 


If your glasses lack adjustable nose pads, you can tighten the temples, or stop by your local For Eyes anytime for a free adjustment. (Please Note: You don’t need to be a customer to receive a complimentary adjustment from our team. Everyone is eligible.) We can also check to make sure the bridge of your eyewear is the right size or to help you select new glasses that aren’t so heavy on the nose. 

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Summary: How can I adjust my glasses’ nose pads? 

One of the prime goals of wearing glasses, aside from seeing better out of them, is comfort. If your glasses are too heavy on your nose or cause any pinching, then you’ll want to adjust the nose pads—or in some cases, purchase new eyewear.


Once you know how to adjust the nose pads on glasses, finding the right fit can be easy. Simply move the position of the nose pads with your fingers. Try on the glasses after adjusting the nose pads, and see how they fit. If they feel more comfortable and less heavy, you’re good to go. 


Otherwise, it may be a good idea to go into your local optometrist’s office for an adjustment. Whichever option you choose, we’re here with any help or guidance you may need. 

Search today for a For Eyes in your area. We’re here to adjust your frames and offer advice on how to feel most comfortable in your new eyewear.

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