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You Need These Men’s Sunglasses for Spring 2020

You Need These Men’s Sunglasses for Spring 2020

With spring here, it’s time to breathe some life into your daily ensemble. How? By getting the accessories we know you’ve been eyeing at the store. You work hard and deserve to get that watch or that tie you’ve been looking at for a while. 

Another accessory that often goes overlooked is sunglasses. But have no fear. We’re here with the top styles for men’s sunglasses in Spring 2020 to help make sure your shopping experience is as seamless as possible. 

What styles are popular for men’s sunglasses in Spring 2020?

New sunglasses are worth it. After all, they can protect your eyes from UV light and keep you from squinting when you’re exposed to the warm spring sunshine. Sunglasses can also help you boost your style, on and off the job. 

Here are some of our customers’ favorite styles for men’s sunglasses in Spring 2020:

Style #1 (Sporty): Oversized Aviators in Black, Blue, or Grey

If you’re the kind of man who loves going to sports games during the spring season, you’ll need the right sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun’s harsh rays. Aviators are always a good go-to, but take your look up a notch with oversized, thick frames for a modern twist. 

Try aviators in colors such as black, blue, or grey to match with most sports jerseys. Whether you’re at a major league game or if you’re cheering on your son from the little league bleachers, these sunglasses are sure to impress and provide the necessary protection you need to look and feel great this season.

You Need These Men’s Sunglasses for Spring 2020 1

Style #2 (Futuristic): Thin, Rectangular Frames in Monochrome Shades

For a sleek and futuristic feel, try out thin, rectangular frames in a monochrome shade. The edgy style is lightweight, which makes it ideal for an outdoor business lunch with a client or for a day on the golf course. 


Style #3 (Versatile): Round, Semi-Rimless Sunglasses in Tortoiseshell Prints

Are you a college student looking to impress on spring break this year? Opt for some round, semi-rimless sunglasses. These give a sophisticated look, but they can also look casual with the right outfit. 


Summary: Selecting Men’s Sunglasses in Spring 2020

Sunglasses are essential for safeguarding your eyes from many different complications. And this spring, they can be found in several styles to best suit your lifestyle. 

Here are some of our favorite men’s sunglasses in Spring 2020:

  • For sports fans, wear oversized aviators. These not only provide full coverage and protection from UV light, but they are also available in multiple colors, such as black, blue, and grey. The aviator style is classic, timeless, and sure to impress.
  • If you’re going for a more futuristic look, select thin, monochrome shades. These sunglasses provide a lightweight design, which makes them ideal for work and play. For more durability, get lenses that are plastic rather than glass, and try rectangular frames to best flatter your facial features.
  • Students looking for a classic yet casual style should try out semi-rimless frames in  brown tortoiseshell. This sophisticated look, coupled with round lenses, will best accent your spring look. 

If you feel like more than one look suits you, mix and match or even purchase more than one type of sunglasses. It never hurts to be prepared and look your best.


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