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Why Does My Eye Hurt When I Blink?

Why Does My Eye Hurt When I Blink?

Blinking plays an essential role in your eye health. Sometimes, you might forget to blink, such as while using electronic devices, but blinking is necessary to keep your eyes feeling their best.

Have you been wondering, ‘Why does my eye hurt when I blink?’ Let’s hear from our eye care team.

Why does my eye hurt when I blink?

Many factors can contribute to eye irritation when blinking. If you’re trying to determine why your eye hurts when you blink, here are some things to consider:


#1: You could have dry eyes

Dry eyes can occur when you lack the necessary tear flow to hydrate your eyes. Every time you blink, tears travel the cornea, which gives your eyes the moisture they need, decreases your likelihood of an infection, and promotes healthy eyes and vision. Having too many tears may cause some to flow into the nose, which can lead to dry eyes. 

If your eyes feel uncomfortable when you blink, consider how dry they are. Also, keep the following conditions in mind, which may impact your tear flow: age, medications, and weather. 

Other Symptoms of Dry Eyes: A burning sensation in your eyes or fuzzy vision


Treatment: Eye drops are a great first step for dry eyes. If your symptoms don’t stop after using the drops, contact an eye doctor. They may suggest increasing your omega-3 intake or trying an eye drop prescription or other medication. 


#2: You may have conjunctivitis (also called pink eye)

Pink eye happens when your conjunctiva, which goes on the inner part of your eyelid and over the white portion of your eye, puffs up. This eye disease affects all ages, particularly kids, but while infectious, it doesn’t often take long to go away. 

A common sign of pink eye is a pink hue in the white areas on your eyes. Pink eye can be painful, but it’s easy to treat once you understand the cause. 


Other Symptoms of Pink Eye: Leaking from either eye or photophobia


Treatment: Depending on the type of pink eye you have, different treatment methods may work. Prescription eye drops and steering clear of allergens may help you manage your symptoms. In more severe cases of pink eye, such as what’s caused by getting a harmful substance in your eye, an optometrist might need to wash your eyes out. 


#3: You might have something concealed beneath your eyelid. 

You might experience discomfort when you blink if there’s something lodged beneath your eyelid. Consider whether your eyes came into contact with anything at work. According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), getting materials in your eyes can cause an eye injury. Eye irritation may also happen from getting a mascara-laden eyelash in your eye.

To safeguard your eyes at work, we recommend wearing the right eyewear for the job. If you manage chemicals or work in an environment with a lot of debris, sports goggles are essential. 


Other Symptoms of Having Something in Your Eye: A high tear flow or eye irritation


Treatment: With clean hands, you can try removing the object with a gentle stream of water. If your efforts are unsuccessful or if the conditions are severe, you’ll want to get in touch with an optometrist. 

Why Does My Eye Hurt When I Blink? 1

Summary: What causes eye pain when blinking? 

Are you asking yourself, ‘Why does my eye hurt when I blink?’ Conjunctivitis, dryness in the eyes, and having something in your eye can all contribute to your discomfort.

Here’s how to treat eye pain for each of these conditions:

  • Conjunctivitis: The best treatment varies depending on your form of pink eye. In general, getting prescription eye drops and keeping away from things you’re allergic to can help. 
  • Dryness in the Eyes: Start with eye drops. 
  • Having Something in Your Eye: Clear your eyes out with water if the object is small and beneath your eyelid. If it’s serious, contact an eye doctor right away. 


Awareness is instrumental to healthy eyes. Keep these considerations about eye irritation in mind, and you may feel more confident in caring for your eyes in the future.  


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