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Who Should Wear Progressive Lenses?

Who Should Wear Progressive Lenses?

Are you curious about who should wear progressive lenses? These lenses house three different prescriptions in one, and they allow someone to see at all distances without having to change their glasses.

Let’s take a look at the reasons for wearing progressive lenses--and who might benefit from them. 

Who should wear progressive lenses?

Progressive lenses are for anyone who doesn’t want to carry around three pairs of glasses or those who need multifocal lenses. As we age, our eyesight changes; images become blurry, and we have to hold objects at different lengths to see them better. Progressive lenses can help. 

These lenses are designed for people aged 40+ and children with various vision needs. However, anyone can wear these lenses if prescribed. All it takes is a quick call to your eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam, and we can determine if progressive lenses are right for you. 

What are the benefits of wearing progressive lenses

Progressive lenses can be challenging to get used to, and not everyone can wear them. However, there are also several reasons to wear them. For instance, progressive lenses are useful if you:

  • Want a seamless, youthful, more natural look with multifocal glasses.
  • Are looking for only one pair of glasses.
  • Need a smoother, more natural transition between prescriptions.

Progressive lenses feature an attractive look that is suitable for people of all ages, especially if you have a refractive error. They also do not include a line like bifocals and trifocals do. If you need to see at a variety of distances, the pros of wearing progressive lenses far outweigh the cons, the largest of which is the time it can take to get used to them. 

Summary: When should you wear progressive lenses? 

Those who have a prescription for multiple glasses or multifocal glasses might want to consider progressive lenses. Progressive lenses are suitable for anyone who struggles with seeing far away and close up, but they do require an adjustment period. 

So, who should wear progressive lenses?

  • Those over age 40 and children with multiple prescriptions or a multifocal prescription
  • Those who want a youthful, more natural look to multifocal glasses

If you can get past the symptoms of wearing new progressive lenses and want to look natural without the lines in bifocals or trifocals, then progressive lenses are perfect for you.


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