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10 Ways How Blue Light Can Affect You

10 Ways How Blue Light Can Affect You

In this digital age we live in, it’s no surprise that we are spending more and more time in front of devices and screens that produce blue light. Not only do we expose ourselves to blue light for work and school, but if you factor in time watching TV or playing video games, our exposure is astronomical.  

Here are 10 of the many ways that blue light can affect you:

#1 Blue light can harm your cornea. 

Most UV rays can’t reach your retina due to the many structures protecting your eyes. Blue light, however, still manages to make its way through the necessary tissues to the cornea. This can impact your cornea over time, leading to a variety of eye health issues. 

#2 Blue light can impact your sleep habits.

Blue light is found in sunlight and is fundamental to your circadian rhythm that impacts sleep. By using digital devices before bed, you risk affecting your natural circadian rhythm, which can impact your overall sleep. 

#3 Blue light can change your melatonin production.

Your body creates melatonin to promote sleep. In the same way that blue light can affect your circadian rhythm, it can affect your body’s ability to produce melatonin, too. This can impact how well you sleep and how you feel in the morning when you wake up. 

#4 Blue Light can cause digital eye strain.

Blue light can cause digital eye strain, a condition known for a variety of uncomfortable symptoms, such as blurry vision and headaches. You can reduce the symptoms of this condition by reducing your screen time and wearing blue-light protection glasses.

#5 Blue light can result in age-related vision problems.

Consistent exposure to blue light throughout your life can promote age-related vision problems, such as macular degeneration. This is caused by the deterioration of the center of your retina, which is essential for focusing.

#6 Blue light can increase the number of headaches you get.

A symptom of computer vision syndrome (or digital eye strain) from exposure to blue light is an increase in headaches. To prevent headaches, we recommend taking frequent breaks away from digital screens and keeping a proper distance at all times.

#7 Blue light can help with your memory. 

Are you curious about the ways how blue light can affect your health? Exposure to blue light from the sun can make you more alert and better at remembering things. However, moderation is the key here. You do not want to be exposed to too blue light before bedtime. 

How blue light can affect you

#8 Blue Light can benefit your mood.

Exposure to the natural form of blue light from the sun may put you in a better mood. Being in a good mood means you’re more likely to stay focused and productive. 

#9 Blue light can cause retinal damage. 

If excess blue light enters your retina, you may be at a higher risk of retinal damage. The effects may be similar to what you’d expect to see in someone with age-related macular degeneration.

#10 Blue Light can contribute to dry eyes. 

Another adverse effect of increased exposure to blue light on digital devices is dry eyes, one of the top symptoms of digital eye strain. Blue-light protection glasses can help decrease the effects of this condition.

Summary: What are the ways how blue light can affect you? 

As with anything, there are benefits and risks to the exposure of blue light. Blue light can affect your vision include damage to your cornea and retina, as well as exposing you to potential age-related vision issues. However, we also need blue light to survive, so enjoying time out in the sun is necessary to get your daily dose. 

Remember that by wearing blue-light glasses, you can alleviate digital eye strain and many of the symptoms of overexposure to blue light via your digital devices. So, talk to your local For Eyes to get set up with the right eyewear

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