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5 Tips to Look Beautiful in Eyeglasses and Makeup

5 Tips to Look Beautiful in Eyeglasses and Makeup

Many women are afraid that after getting eyeglasses, their options for wearing makeup are limited. However, you can still look fabulous in eyeglasses and makeup. You need only learn how to apply makeup with eyeglasses by accentuating the right features. 

Eyeglasses can take your makeup game up a notch by challenging you to try new colors and looks you wouldn’t have thought of trying before. It’s never a bad thing to step out of your comfort zone, and you might find a new look you love. 

Here is how to look beautiful with eyeglasses:

Tip #1: Wear bright lipstick. 

Every woman needs at least one bright lipstick in her makeup bag, but when you wear eyeglasses, the right lip color is even more critical. Stick with bold and bright colors like pink, purple, and red. The goal is to make sure your lipstick complements or matches your frames. 

Bold lips can do wonders for your look. To make the color last longer and make your lips appear more prominent, follow these steps to apply lipstick

  • Exfoliate your lips weekly.
  • Put on chapstick or lip primer. 
  • Use a quality lip liner. 
  • Glide on your lipstick by beginning at the middle of your upper lip and dragging the lipstick toward each side. Do the same on your lower lip. 
  • Blot your lips on a tissue. 

Tip #2: Select the right shade of concealer. 

Spend time looking for the right concealer. You should choose one that matches your skin tone. As farsighted people see distant objects easier than nearby objects, they tend to have small eyes and get magnified prescription lenses. However, this can emphasize dark circles and puffiness. Be sure to use a mirror when applying your makeup if you are farsighted to make sure you cover any trouble spots.

To reduce puffiness in the eye area, apply under-eye cream before your concealer. Women with fair to medium skin should select peach-color concealer. This shade is an excellent option for hiding dark circles. Women with darker skin should choose an orange-colored concealer. 

Here are some suggestions to apply your concealer based on your skin issue

  • Dark Circles: Before you pat on concealer, apply liquid foundation. 
  • Redness: Moisturize your face, and use setting powder before putting on concealer. 
  • Acne: Wash your skin, add primer, and apply concealer. Use foundation on top for extra coverage if needed. 

Tip #3: Choose your eye makeup based on if you are nearsighted or farsighted. 

Nearsighted women often have larger eyes, but their eyeglasses can make them look smaller. If you are nearsighted, black eyeliner is your friend. The thickness of your liner should depend on how thick your frames are. For instance, if you have thick frames, the liner should be thick. If you have thin frames, go for thin liner on your upper lash line. Look for a light shade of shimmery eyeshadow, and line your waterline with a bright eyeliner, such as white or gold, to make your eyes pop.

Farsighted women don’t have to worry about applying too much eye makeup because it can make your eyes look bigger and more beautiful. Here’s how to do a smoky eye with winged tips:

  • Step 1: Put primer on your eyelids. 
  • Step 2: Apply concealer to your under-eye.
  • Step 3: Set your under-eye with translucent powder. 
  • Step 4: Add dark eyeshadow to your eyelids. 
  • Step 5: Sweep the eyeshadow onto your lower lash line. 
  • Step 6: Blend the eyeshadow with a brush. 
  • Step 7: Line your upper lash line and half of your waterline with black eyeliner. Make the upper lash line extend a little further in the shape of a wing. 
  • Step 8: Glide highlighter onto your brow bone.  
  • Step 9: Curl your eyelashes.
  • Step 10: Apply fake eyelashes or mascara. 

Tip #4: Wear fake eyelashes or volumizing mascara.  

Want to make your eyes stand out in eyeglasses? Try thick eyelashes. You can wear fake eyelashes or volumizing mascara to lengthen their eyelashes. Be sure to curl your lashes before applying either option as this can make your eyelashes appear even longer.

The great thing about lengthy lashes is they are more likely to avoid your lenses when you blink. Long eyelashes can prevent you from getting mascara on the inside of your lenses. If you’re afraid you might smudge your eyeglasses while wearing makeup, keep some eyeglass cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth handy. 

Tip #5: Fill in your eyebrows. 

No look is complete without perfect eyebrows. Start by brushing your brows out with a small comb. Then, color them in with a brow pencil or pomade that is a shade lighter than your natural brow color. Once you’ve achieved the shape you want, apply a brow gel to set the look.

If you’re ever in a rush, take the time to at least comb your brows and apply brow gel. Well-groomed brows will make you look like you’re putting in the effort, even if it only took you five seconds. By filling in your brows, they will look cleaner and more natural in the boldest of frames. 

Summary of Tips for Wearing Eyeglasses and Makeup

It is possible to look fabulous in eyeglasses and makeup. The key is to select quality makeup with shades that complement your frames. Whether you do a low-key makeup look or go full-on glam, these tips can all apply. 

Start with these makeup hacks for eyeglasses:

  • Wear bold lipstick.
  • Choose the right concealer. 
  • Select your eye makeup based on your farsightedness or nearsightedness.
  • Use fake eyelashes or thickening mascara.
  • Darken your eyebrows.

An extra few minutes in the morning is all it takes to achieve this flawless look. You’ll be happy you spent the time. 

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