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Your Guide to the Best Men’s Sunglasses in Winter 2020

Blog, Eye Exam, Eye Information, Eyeglasses, Face Shape

With the holiday season on its way, you might be thinking about the perfect gift for your guy. We know that every man can appreciate a good pair of sunglasses, so why not start there? They’re the perfect addition to any outfit and can accompany him on all his outdoor adventures.


So, encourage your guy to plan that snowmobiling trip, arrange that four-hour drive to go skiing, or learn how to snowboard like he’s always wanted. While he’s out having fun, he can protect his eyes with the right eyewear. And we’ve got you covered with the best trends for men’s sunglasses in Winter 2019. 

Best Men’s Sunglasses in the Winter 2020 Holiday Season 

There’s little more practical than buying men’s sunglasses in Winter 2019 as a holiday gift for your guy. They’re timeless, fashionable, and the perfect way to make a statement. 


Start with these styles: 

Style #1 (for Winter Sports): Thick, Wayfarer Sunglasses

Thick, Wayfarer sunglasses are a great way for your guy to impress his friends on the slopes this season. These full-coverage frames are available in various shapes and color combinations, allowing you to customize and tailor the shade to your guy’s personality.


Consider a bold color, such as red or yellow, to pop in contrast to the winter scenery. We recommend the black-grey Nike sunglasses ($129) for a comfortable fit that your guy will love. 

Style #2 (for Traveling): Semi-Rimless, Polarized Sunglasses

Semi-rimless sunglasses are durable and can be mixed with polarized lenses to protect against the harsh glares of winter, often caused by the reflection of the snow. Consider this feature if you’re traveling to an area with lots of snow or if your eyes are sensitive to glare. 


We suggest trying these frames and lenses in dark shades, such as brown or grey, to mesh with a more casual style. The black-white Solaris sunglasses ($49) are perfect for this low-key look.

Your Guide to the Best Men’s Sunglasses

Style #3 (for Leisure): Thin, Circular Sunglasses With Colored Lenses

You can’t go wrong with thin, circular frames and colored lenses for your man’s sunglasses in Winter 2019. Aviators? Even better. The aviator style is a classic and timeless look that is always a fashion win. Not to mention, they can protect your guy’s eyes from the harsh winter sun. 


If your man is a fan of this look, go with the black Polaroid sunglasses ($79). They’re a fun approach to aviators and feature blue lenses that are great for the snow. Not to mention, all Polaroid sunglasses are polarized, offering extra protection for the eyes. 

Summary: Top Styles for Men’s Sunglasses to Shop for in Winter 2020 

It’s the perfect time to shop for men’s sunglasses in Winter 2019. Help safeguard your man’s eyes from the winter sun and keep him looking polished with the right eyewear. Before you head to the store, consider these styles of sunglasses from your local For Eyes: 


  • Thick, Wayfarer frames are a staple for men who enjoy winter sports.
  • If your guy would appreciate more durable yet business-casual shades for daily use, consider semi-rimless frames in brown or charcoal grey. Think about adding polarized lenses to protect against the winter glare.
  • Thin, circular sunglasses with colored lenses are a popular option for winter. Go for an aviator style for a classic, timeless appearance. 


Protecting your man’s eyes is the priority, but it doesn’t hurt to help them look their best. Consider a new pair of shades as a way to treat the one you love this holiday season. 

Shop for men’s sunglasses in Winter 2019 at your local For Eyes today. Click here to find a store near you.

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