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You Need These Women’s Sunglasses for Spring 2020

Blog, Eye Exam, Eye Information, Eyeglasses, Face Shape

With spring comes a new season and a new time to shine. Why not let your shades do the talking and treat yourself with a fashionable pair of women’s sunglasses? A woman’s sunglasses can say a lot about her, and when you choose the right pair, you can have the most confidence during your outdoor endeavors.


Let’s take a look at the top styles for women’s sunglasses in Spring 2020 to see which one suits you. 

What styles are popular for women’s sunglasses in Spring 2020?

If you frequent For Eyes, you may know that we carry a wide selection of eyewear at affordable prices. And our sunglasses are no exception. They feature 100-percent UV protection with the option to add special coatings to enhance your lenses to the fullest. 


Here are some of our customers’ favorite styles for women’s sunglasses in Spring 2020:

Style #1 (Athletic): Girly Aviators in Pastel Shades

Whether you’re an avid supporter of your child’s sports team or if you’re the kind of girl who feels right at home on a ball field, you’ll want to shield yourself from the sun and look great doing it, too. Aviators are the way to go. When paired with pastel pink or blue-toned lenses, they can give a girly twist to a classic look.


Is this style for you? Try the Havana pink Seen aviators ($39). They’re some of the most popular women’s sunglasses in Spring 2020 due to the gorgeous shade, angular lenses, and pop of color at the end of the temples. If you wear these, get ready to impress. 

Style #2 (Trendy): Oversized Cat-Eye Frames With a Splash of Color

Set your style to stun, and try an oversized cat-eye look. This classy style gives off a vintage vibe while still being up to date with today’s best fashion trends. Try cat-eye frames with a splash of color to emphasize your other features and look fierce in any spring looks.


These oversized frames can complement your facial features by giving you more curve and dimension. We recommend the Havana black women’s sunglasses by Kate Spade ($169) if you like this look. 

Style #3 (Nostalgic): Thin, Oval-Shaped Sunglasses in Neutral Shades

Thin, oval-shaped sunglasses in neutral shades are a great option if you wish to embrace the 90s fashion trends like so many others are. Not to mention, you will have an accessory that can double as a functional piece of your wardrobe when combating the sunlight. 


If this style is the one for you, go with these shiny brown Ray-Bans ($199). The color works for both genders, so if your significant other wishes to borrow these, they can feel free to do so. (They’re that amazing!)

Summary: Selecting Women’s Sunglasses in Spring 2020

These Women’s Sunglasses for Spring 2020

Sunglasses are a necessity for protecting your eyes at all times of the year. There are many different benefits for purchasing a pair for yourself this spring, including protecting yourself from many vision complications and styling your way to a bold, new look. 


Here are the best styles for women’s sunglasses in Spring 2020:


  • If you plan to attend any outdoor sporting events this spring, consider a pair of aviators in girly, pastel hues. 
  • For those who will be spending time out and about with friends, oversized cat-eye sunglasses are the right fit for you. Try these in colorful frames to mesh well with any spring fashion.
  • Feeling nostalgic? Get some thin, oval-shaped sunglasses in neutral shades. These will go with many of the 90s staples making their way back to the fashion scene. 


Now that you know the best styles for the season, remember to dress sharp, protect your eyes, and of course, enjoy the spring weather.

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