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Why Annual Eye Exams Are Even More Important With All of Our Screen Time

Blog, Blue Light, Eye Exam, Eye Information, Eyeglasses, Glasses for Kids

In 2019, we use digital devices more than ever, with adult office workers and children averaging at seven hours per day. More often than not, too much screen time leads to computer vision syndrome in adults, but kids can have the same symptoms. 


Fortunately, by having a regular eye exam, you and your children can monitor your eye health so that you will know if you need to take any steps to fix it. 


So, how are eye exams even more important with all of our screen time, and how are screen time and children’s vision connected? 

Importance of Annual Eye Exams

Digital screens are integrated into our lives, exposing us to large amounts of blue light, which can strain our eyes. An annual eye exam is essential so that the optometrist can test your vision to see how the screen time has impacted it. 


If you squint when you’re too far from the screen and see better up close, they may look for other symptoms of nearsightedness, and prescribe corrective lenses. If you have an easier time seeing the screen when you’re far away, they will test you for farsightedness


The eye doctor may even prescribe blue-light glasses to block excess blue light. They may also suggest other tips to reduce the impact of screen time on your eyes, including increasing font sizes and adjusting the brightness on your devices.


Since excess screen time can lead to computer vision syndrome and cause symptoms such as blurry vision and dry eyes, everyone should have an annual eye exam. Yearly eye exams are of great importance because they allow the optometrist to assess your eyes so that they can correct any issues and get you to see your best. 

How Too Much Screen Time Affects Kids’ Eyes

How are screen time and children’s vision related? Children use digital devices at home and at school, which exposes them to digital eye strain symptoms, such as blurry vision, eye fatigue, and headaches. These symptoms can happen due to incorrect lighting, screen brightness, the wrong chair, or undetected vision issues. 


Children also become so focused during video games and other activities on screens that they forget to take breaks, which makes it challenging for them to concentrate on other things. This can make them tired, which impacts their ability to study. Fortunately, there are ways of getting around it, and an annual eye exam is the first step.

Summary: Eye Exams Are Even More Important With All of Our Screen Time

Eye exams are even more important with all of our screen time. If not treated, adults and children can develop computer vision syndrome, which can impact them on and off their devices. 


Instead of focusing too long on the screen, encourage all members of the family to take a break every 20 minutes–and get some fresh air if they can. This will help them to avoid the harmful effects of screen time and enjoy their most relaxed vision. 

If you or your child spends too much time on screens, schedule an eye exam at your nearest For Eyes today. We are here to help.

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