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Where to Get an Eye Exam

Blog, Eye Exam, Eye Information, Eyeglasses

With so many eye doctor’s offices in the U.S., it can be challenging to find the best one for your needs. It’s also essential to ensure you get the care your family deserves by checking that the eye care center accommodates the hours and services you’re looking for. After all, we know how difficult it can be to find time for an eye exam during the busy workweek.


If you’ve been wondering where to get an eye exam, select an optical store, such as For Eyes. Many of our locations have walk-in availability and evening hours to make it easy to see the optometrist around your work schedule. With over 47 years of experience and a dedication to customer service, you can’t go wrong when you choose us.  

Where to Get an Eye Exam

For Eyes has eye doctors in several states across the U.S., including in Illinois, Georgia, Florida, California, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Indiana, and Maryland. We also serve some areas of Puerto Rico. 


Don’t worry if you live in a small city in one of those locations and are unsure if we provide eye care near you. If you click here, you can find your nearest optical store and enjoy peace of mind knowing just where to get an eye exam in your area. 


At all of our optical stores, our skilled optometrists investigate eye and vision issues with comprehensive eye exams, which take about an hour and a half. Our team also offers contact lens exams, which are required for those who wish to wear contacts


Whether you’re experiencing eye issues or need a regular eye exam to check on your prescription, we’re happy to help. And we have the expertise needed to get the job done right. 

Cost of an Eye Exam

Your location and the type of eye doctor you see can impact the cost of your eye exam. Depending on the tests and services needed, the price can vary as well. For instance, if you’re interested in getting contacts, and the eye doctor must perform a contact lens exam and fit you for contacts, the cost can increase. 


Fortunately, For Eyes works with multiple insurance providers to give you affordable, high-quality eye care. While not all insurances are available at every optical store, we accept the majority of insurance plans, including AARP, Humana, MetLife, Solstice, UnitedHealthcare, and more. 


When you arrive for your eye appointment, have your insurance card and photo I.D. ready so that we can check your coverage. Our eye care team is here for you and any questions you may have. 

Summary: Finding an Eye Doctor’s Office Near You

If you’re due for your annual comprehensive eye exam, For Eyes has just what you need. Our Independent Doctors of Optometry serve cities across the U.S. and Puerto Rico, giving you plenty of options in scheduling your next eye exam, even if you need a “walk-in eye exam near me.” 


The best way to know where to get an eye exam is to type in your city/state or zip code in the “Find a Store” section on our website. We even provide driving directions to make your experience as seamless as possible. 


Regular eye care can set you and your eyes up for a healthy future, so if you’re experiencing eye issues or if it’s been a year since your last exam, don’t delay in scheduling an appointment. Our team will ensure you’re comfortable throughout the process and incorporate our top-notch training to give you the best eye care experience possible. 


Why wait? Find a store near you to book an eye exam today. 

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