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Where to Get a Contact Lens Exam Near Me

Blog, Eye Exam, Eye Information, Eyeglasses

For those who wish to wear contacts, at some point, you’ll need a contact lens exam. During this eye exam, the eye doctor will talk to you about your vision concerns, review your current contacts (if you wear them), assess your general eye health, and examine your eyes up close.


But wait–aren’t these the same things they do during a regular comprehensive eye exam? Yes, they are. However, a contact lens exam requires a few additional steps and tests to ensure contacts are right for you. For instance, the optometrist will order your trial lenses, provide specialized vision advice, and train you on how to insert and remove your new eyewear.


With this in mind, you may be asking yourself, ‘Where can I get a contact lens exam near me?’ We’re here to elaborate. 

Where can I get a contact lens exam near me?

For Eyes has more than 116 optical stores in major cities throughout the nation, offering contact lens exams as one of our primary services. Our Independent Doctors of Optometry are experts at eye exams and all types of eyewear, so you can trust they have what it takes to match you with the best vision correction for your needs.


To find out where you can get a “contact lens exam near me,” visit the “Find a Store” section on our website. You can type in your location to find the nearest eye care center. From there, all you’ll need to do is call us to schedule an eye appointment, or you can stop in to ask about our availability for walk-in eye exams. 


Here are some perks about choosing For Eyes for your eye care needs:


  • Many of our locations have eye doctors open on Saturday and Sunday.
  • You can buy your contact lenses online
  • We have a vast selection of frames, so if you need a back-up form of vision correction, we have you covered (and with complimentary adjustments for life).
  • We offer a complete satisfaction guarantee, so if you don’t love your new eyewear, bring it in within 30 days so that we can make it right.

What happens during a contact lens fitting?

When it comes time for your contact lens fitting, the optometrist will recommend the best contacts for your eyes based on the results of your contact lens exam. After you agree to a style, they’ll set you up with a trial pair and apply the contacts to your eyes to ensure a good fit. 


Before you leave, the eye doctor may also conduct additional vision tests. This is to ensure the contacts fit as intended and to prevent them from falling out and impacting your vision. 


Once your eye appointment is complete, you’ll want to meet the eye care team at the front desk to book a follow-up. This is important for the eye doctor to examine your trial contacts and eyes in case you need a different pair. If your contacts are sufficient, however, the optometrist will prescribe you official contact lenses. 

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Summary: Where can I schedule a contact lens exam in my area?  

You can find our optical stores in several large and surrounding cities throughout the nation, making it easy to know where to get a “contact lens exam near me.” Click here to find a nearby location.


During your contact lens exam, remember that your eyes will be fit for contacts if deemed appropriate by your eye doctor. They’ll show you how to insert and remove your new eyewear, as well as utilize other vision exams to verify that contacts are the best option for your eyes. After this, they’ll send you home with your first pair of trial lenses.


If you’re afraid of switching from glasses to contacts, don’t be. It all starts with a painless contact lens exam, and the rest is simple. 

Ready to book your appointment? Visit a store in your area today.

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