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Where Is the Best Place to Get an Eye Exam?

Blog, Eye Exam, Eye Information, Eyeglasses

Your eyes deserve the best care possible, and that means finding a quality eye doctor. The best eye doctors perform comprehensive eye exams and contact lens exams, for those who need them, to assess your overall eye health and development. 


And for those who need glasses, this step is essential, as your optometrist will prescribe you the right lenses for your needs.


So, when do you need an eye exam, and where is the best place to get an eye exam near you? Let’s discuss. 

When should you have an eye exam?

Your vision can change throughout your life, from childhood to late adulthood, which is why we suggest having regular eye appointments. For children, it’s best to see the eye doctor at 6 months old, age 3, and once per year after age 6


During your child’s eye exam, the eye specialist will look for refractive errors, such as astigmatism, hyperopia, and myopia. They may also test your child’s eye movement patterns to ensure the eyes are developing at a healthy rate. 


Adults should have a yearly eye exam to monitor any changes in vision. Since an adult is most susceptible to presbyopia after age 40, it’s best to stay on top of your eye appointment schedule. An optometrist can test your eyes for multiple vision issues and determine if you need a new eyewear prescription.


Sometimes, you may need to see an eye doctor sooner than your next yearly exam. This is if you are experiencing any eye pain or symptoms of vision loss. To prepare for the appointment, write down your symptoms so that your optometrist can give you a proper diagnosis. 

Where is the best place to get an eye exam?

Finding the right eye doctor can be challenging, but don’t worry, as our team has you covered. If you’re wondering, ‘Where is the best place to get an eye exam?’, we suggest coming to your local For Eyes. We have more than 116 optical stores across the nation, including in major cities, such as Atlanta, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and more. 


To find a store near you, click here, and type in your city/state or zip code. Our online search tool makes it simple to locate an eye care center in your area. Once you find your nearest store, simply call us at the phone number listed in the description. 


A member of our optical team will be happy to help you find an appointment time that fits your schedule. And if you require more flexibility, ask if that location offers walk-in availability for eye exams. Finding an “eye exam near me” or the best place to buy glasses with or without insurance has never been easier. 

Summary: Who should you contact for an eye exam?

If you’re experiencing any sudden changes in vision or if it’s been a year since your last eye exam, you’ll want to schedule an appointment. Where is the best place to get an eye exam? Your local For Eyes is the way to go.


Our Independent Doctors of Optometry are experienced in many eye and vision issues, and they’re equipped to test your eyes via a comprehensive eye exam. They can even fit you for contacts if you prefer that form of vision correction. 


For Eyes is also one of the best places to buy glasses. Without insurance, we realize it can be challenging to find a quality pair at an affordable cost. However, we take great efforts to help you select eyewear that best fits you and your family’s needs. 


Contact your nearest For Eyes today to schedule an “eye exam near me.” 

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