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Where Can I Find the Best Kids Glasses Near Me?

Blog, Eye Exam, Eye Information, Eyeglasses, Face Shape, Glasses for Kids

From day one, your child’s eyes play a critical role in their development. Getting the right vision correction can help your little one in and out of the classroom, and as a parent, we know you want to look out for your child’s best interests. 


Finding a great pair of glasses for kids is the place to start. So, where can you go for the “best kids glasses near me?” Let’s take a look. 

Where can I buy the best kids glasses near me?

For those searching for the “best kids glasses near me,” we recommend going to your neighborhood For Eyes. Each of our 116+ optical stores carries eyewear for all age groups, including children. 


Some of our most popular brands of kids glasses include:


  • Fuzion
  • In Style
  • Ray-Ban
  • Seen


We recommend letting your child select their frames to help them feel prouder and more confident in their new eyewear. If they have a hand in choosing their glasses, they might be more likely to wear them, which is vital if your child’s eye doctor says the glasses should be worn every day. 


Be sure to tell your kids you’re proud of them for choosing new glasses. It’s a big step, and a little encouragement goes a long way, especially from you, as their parent and someone they admire. 


If you buy new kids glasses, and your child claims they hurt, check to see if the eyewear needs to be adjusted. Our team can help with that for free at any time, so feel free to ask if you need assistance. These questions can help determine if the fit is the problem:


  • Are my child’s glasses leaving marks on their nose?
  • Are the eyes in the middle of each lens?
  • Are the temples leaving red lines on the cheeks?
  • Do the glasses seem too tight?
  • Do the lenses look too small for my little one’s face?
  • Is my child complaining of headaches?

What are the toughest glasses for kid athletes?

The toughest kids glasses have sturdy frames and lenses. If your child is an athlete, sports goggles are a natural choice. This type of eyewear makes some of the best glasses for kids, meeting ASTM F803 standards for impact resistance. 


Sports goggles can help lessen your child’s chances of getting an eye injury from playing sports. And your child doesn’t need a prescription to get them. You can buy sports goggles with or without prescription lenses, so we’ve got you covered even if your child needs eye protection but not vision correction.


We also offer a For Eyes Sports Program where you can receive vouchers for sports goggles up to 60 percent less than competitors. Our mission is to empower kids to do their best and enjoy life a little more by having glasses that protect their eyes during their favorite activities, such as:


  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Tennis

Where Can I Find the Best Kids Glasses Near Me?

Summary: Where can I purchase eyewear for my child?

There are plenty of things parents should know about kids glasses, starting with where to buy them. You can let your child select their frames at your neighborhood For Eyes if you need the “best kids glasses near me.” (Remember to congratulate them and let them know you’re proud of them. This can help with their self-esteem while wearing new eyewear.)


And if you’re looking for tough glasses for kids, consider sports goggles. We have multiple styles to choose from with a unique program that can help you save even more off of our already affordable prices. 

Ready to get your child the vision correction they need? Come by your nearest For Eyes today to schedule an eye exam or to browse our wide selection of eyewear for kids.

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