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What Not to Do Before an Eye Exam

Blog, Eye Exam, Eye Information, Eyeglasses, Face Shape

According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), annual eye exams are essential because they allow an optometrist to catch severe eye issues early enough to create a plan for treatment. Waiting too long (or missing eye appointments) can make your eye condition progress faster than it can be treated. 


Just as delaying your eye doctor appointment can pose problems for your eyes and vision, doing specific tasks before your eye exam can, too. Here’s a quick look at what not to do before an eye exam. 

What Not to Do Before an Eye Exam

Are you curious about what not to do before an eye exam? Don’t:

 #1: Overexert your eyes.

One of the most undervalued tips for an accurate eye exam is to rest your eyes. Before an eye exam, you may find yourself spending a lot of time in front of a screen. Take a break if you can.


Resting your eyes before an eye exam is essential to destress your eyes and keep you feeling alert. Since the eye examination tests include a vision test, where our team will ask you to point out letters or numbers on an eye chart, you’ll want your eyes to feel awake. 


For some people, the best time of day for an eye exam is in the morning. That is because they’ve just woken up, and they haven’t been to work or school yet (where computer usage can be high). Schedule your eye appointment at a time that works best to give you a great chance at passing your eye examination tests. 

#2: Drink coffee.

A cup of caffeine might be challenging to avoid, but we recommend switching to decaf the morning of your eye appointment if you can. Coffee can impact your blood pressure if taken in high quantities, due to the caffeine content. 


Since your eye doctor will examine your eyes for signs of medical issues, such as high blood pressure, it’s best to avoid anything that can raise it. Having caffeine before your eye exam can make your blood pressure look more elevated than usual, which can affect your eye examination test results.


Coffee before your eye exam won’t hurt you, but if you can, we suggest avoiding it. Feel free to swing by your favorite coffee shop after your appointment and ask for whatever sounds good to you.

#3: Leave your insurance information at home.

Your vision insurance card is one of two things you’ll need, no matter what, for your eye appointment. The second is your driver’s license or another form of valid photo I.D.


If you don’t have your insurance handy, your appointment can take longer since the eye care staff may need to check your coverage. This can warrant in-person conversations, trips back home to grab your insurance, phone calls, and (potential) rescheduling.


So, save yourself time, and put your insurance in your wallet for safekeeping. That will ensure that when you go in for your eye appointment, you’ll have all you need. 

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Summary: Things to Avoid Before Your Eye Appointment

There’s no secret way on how to pass an eye exam, but if you do your best and follow these tips on what not to do before an eye exam, your results should be reliable. 


  • Don’t put excess pressure on your eyes. Rest your eyes beforehand, and avoid screen time if you can. 
  • Stay away from caffeine the morning of your appointment. Stick to decaf.


Make sure you also don’t forget your insurance at home, since that can prolong your eye appointment. 


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