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What Is the Difference Between Standard and Premium Progressive Lenses?

Blog, Eye Exam, Eye Information, Eyeglasses, Face Shape

Finding out you need to wear multifocal lenses can seem scary at first, but there’s no need to worry. At your neighborhood For Eyes, you can choose from a vast array of lenses, including progressive lenses. We’ll even show you the best types of progressive lenses, starting with standard vs. premium. 


What is the difference between standard and premium progressive lenses? Let’s compare. 

What is the difference between standard and premium progressive lenses? 

Standard and premium progressive lenses offer similar benefits for your eyes, such as clearing up your vision at three distances. However, you may prefer one option over the other based on your budget and visual needs. 


Before selecting lenses, knowing what the difference is between standard and premium progressive lenses is paramount. Here are some things to consider:

Standard Progressive Lenses

What are standard progressive lenses? They are a type of progressive lens with plenty of room at the bottom for your near vision. If you need to see something far away and up close, such as a book or magazine, this lens is for you. And transitioning between these viewing areas is often painless for your eyes. 


One disadvantage of this progressive lens is that you’ll need to have large frames. Otherwise, you can limit your near vision, so if you prefer small, less noticeable frames, premium progressive lenses are the better choice. 


Here are the benefits of standard progressive lenses:


  • More affordable than premium lenses
  • Cover most prescriptions
  • Suitable for most people, including children

Premium Progressive Lenses

The cost of progressive lenses is a little higher if you choose premium vs. standard. However, you can look forward to a broader viewing area and less visual distortions when you select premium progressive lenses since they are custom-made for your eyes. 


This type of progressive lens accommodates small frames, so if you’re looking for more compact eyewear, then this multifocal lens option is the way to go. Your eye doctor will also size your frames for your lenses to give you the best visual experience. 


Here are the benefits of premium progressive lenses:


  • Clearest vision
  • Designed for you
  • Simple to get used to

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When should you wear standard vs. premium progressive lenses? 

If the price is a factor, opt for standard progressive lenses. However, if you have a complicated prescription or need customized lenses, premium progressive lenses are the better option. Either way, the new glasses will help get your vision back on track.


If you’re interested in finding the best progressive lens brands, the eye specialists at your local For Eyes are happy to help. One of our optometrists can give you a comprehensive eye exam to identify your vision needs. From there, they can suggest standard vs. premium progressive lenses, among other options.

Summary: How do standard and premium progressive lenses vary? 

For those who require three prescriptions, progressive lenses are a natural choice. However, considering how many types of progressive lenses are on the market, it can be challenging to narrow down your options. 


Two of our most popular choices include standard and premium. So, what is the difference between standard and premium progressive lenses?


  • Premium lenses are customized to your eyes and offer a wider viewing area than standard lenses. 
  • If you’re doing a price comparison for progressive lenses, know that standard lenses are more affordable than premium.
  • Premium lenses work with small frames, whereas standard lenses do not. 


No matter the type of progressive lens you select, you can feel confident that your best vision is right around the corner. 

Find a For Eyes near you to shop for the best brands of progressive lenses today.

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