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What Is the Difference Between a Contact Lens Prescription and Eyeglasses?

Blog, Eye Exam, Eye Information, Eyeglasses, Face Shape

For those who need vision correction, you have many options. For instance, you may enjoy a great pair of eyeglasses in stylish frames, or you can opt for contact lenses if you wish to hide the fact that you need corrective eyewear.


But what is the difference between a contact lens prescription and eyeglasses? Let’s find out.

What is the difference between a contact lens prescription and eyeglasses?

There are many differences between contact lenses and eyeglasses, and it starts with how you wear them. For instance, eyeglasses go over your eyes, while you apply contact lenses to your eyes. Both options are fantastic for correcting your vision. However, if you wear contact lenses, you’ll need to change them out often to keep them clean and avoid infections. 


Eyeglasses can be easier sometimes because you can remove them when you’re done wearing them without having to sanitize them right away. But you’ll still need to clean them as needed with a cleaning solution for eyeglasses and a microfiber cloth. 


So, what is the difference between a contact lens prescription and eyeglasses? There’s not just one feature that separates the two. The differences include how you wear both, the materials used to create them, the types of coatings you can add, and the level of vision correction.


Something to consider is that if you use contact lenses, you may have a wider viewing area since the contacts will go over your eyes. However, eyeglasses can last longer and provide better vision correction. A great option is to get both, so you can decide when and where you’d like to wear each. 

Can you use your contact prescription for eyeglasses? 

Your eye doctor will often apply the same prescription you use for contact lenses for your eyeglasses. There may be minor changes, but in general, your prescription will remain the same no matter your choice in corrective eyewear. 


We suggest seeing your eye doctor once per year for a comprehensive eye exam. That will ensure your prescription stays up to date so that you can enjoy the best eyesight. An annual exam will also help your optometrist to test your eyes for any changes in vision. 

Summary: Contacts vs. Eyeglasses

Before you make your choice of corrective eyewear, we recommend knowing what the difference is between a contact lens prescription and eyeglasses. Contact lenses go on your eyes, while eyeglasses go over them.


In addition to how the eyewear fits, the two types of prescription lenses vary in the materials used to make them. Your contacts may be made with various materials, including silicone hydrogel, while your eyeglasses may have titanium frames and polycarbonate lenses. 


Whichever style of eyewear you choose, you’re sure to find the vision correction you need at your local For Eyes.

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