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What Are the Types of Eye Doctors?

Blog, Eye Exam, Eye Information, Eyeglasses

Proper eye care is vital to maintain your vision. It’s also important to choose the right eye care specialist for the job. The right eye professional can give you an exam and treat any issues with your ocular health. 


So, what are the types of eye doctors?

What are the types of eye doctors?

There are two types of eye doctors, including an optometrist and ophthalmologist. Whether you need to come in for a routine exam or are having eye issues, both eye care professionals can assist you. 


Choosing the right professional is essential since they have different qualifications and specific reasons why you should see them. Here is what you need to know about the types of eye doctors:


Optometrists are primary eye health providers who diagnose and treat general conditions. While they are the go-to person for most concerns, they are not medical doctors and cannot conduct any type of surgery. 


So, what can an optometrist do? 


  • Fill your prescription for glasses
  • Prescribe medicine for your eyes
  • Treat fundamental eye conditions


Optometrists are the primary eye doctors used in a regular check-up. They are great for comprehensive eye exams, and they can treat many eye conditions, but sometimes, a specialist is required. That is where an ophthalmologist comes in. 


When asking yourself, ‘What are the types of eye doctors?’, know that ophthalmologists are medical doctors who are trained to treat most eye-related issues. You can go to them if you have any significant eye concerns since that is their specialty. 


Here are some other things they can do:


  • Prescribe contacts or glasses
  • Perform surgery
  • Diagnose eye issues that an optometrist is not qualified to do


What is the main difference between an ophthalmologist and optometrist? Ophthalmologists can conduct eye surgery. However, keep in mind that while an optometrist may not be able to conduct the procedure, the ophthalmologist may ask for their assistance to prep you before and after. 

Summary: What are the types of eye specialists?

Finding the right eye doctor is essential for your vision and eye health since they can treat any issues that may occur. What are the types of eye doctors? The primary eye specialists include an optometrist and ophthalmologist. Both have varying education levels and training. 


If you need a specialist, then you should see an ophthalmologist. However, if you need an eye exam, then see an optometrist. Whoever you choose, make sure they are the right eye care professional for your needs.

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