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Top 3 Styles for Men’s Eyeglasses in Summer 2019

Blog, Eye Exam, Eye Information, Eyeglasses, Face Shape

Since they’re worn for most of the day, eyeglasses are an integral part of a man’s identity. And choosing your personal style is vital for establishing how you’d like to be viewed, especially during the summer when you’re traveling and meeting new people. 


If you know what to look for, it’s simple to identify the best men’s eyeglasses in Summer 2019. We’re here to help you find the hottest styles of the season, which will be sure to impress, no matter your style choices.

Best Styles for Men’s Eyeglasses in Summer 2019 

When choosing your eyeglasses, think about whether you want to accentuate a certain facial feature or if you’re using your eyewear to enhance your outfit. Considering your lifestyle is a great starting point for shopping for eyeglasses in general. 


Ask yourself:


  • Do you work in a creative industry?
  • Do you need business-casual eyewear?
  • Are you an athlete? 


Thinking of the answers to these questions will help you to find the best men’s eyeglasses in Summer 2019. Here are our top selections:

Style #1 (for Creatives): Thick Frames in Adventurous Colors

The best men’s eyeglasses for creatives include thicker, more modern frames, such as these popular navy Fuzion eyeglasses ($139). Thicker frames are best for males because they complement strong facial features, such as the eyebrows and jawline.


To be more in tune with the season, choose thick frames in a vibrant color, such as blue. Vintage frames are also a timeless staple for summer and can help a creative stand out in any situation.


Style #2 (for Professionals): Minimalistic Rectangular or Oval-Shaped Frames 

If you’re a business executive who is looking for the best men’s eyeglasses this season, select frames with a minimalistic style and in basic colors, such as gold, grey, or black. Our personal favorites are the grey-black Seen men’s eyeglasses ($69). 


Thin frames are flattering with business attire, and they help you to be recognized as a calm and collected person in your office. You may also want to go with a sleeker type of eyewear, such as oval-shaped or rectangular frames, to complement your put-together look. 

Top 3 Styles for Men’s Eyeglasses in Summer 2019

Style #3 (for Athletes): Thin Frames With Photochromic Lenses 

As a more outdoorsy, active person, you need eyewear that can enhance and hold up with your lifestyle. You would benefit from durable frames, such as polycarbonate, which are less likely to break than other frames. 


You can also get photochromic lenses as a nice alternative to sunglasses. Photochromic lenses darken naturally when in bright conditions, so you won’t need to switch eyeglasses when you’re on the go. Add them to your favorite thin-framed eyeglasses, such as these gold C-LINE men’s eyeglasses ($139), and you’ll be in line with this summer’s most active, go-getting males. 

Summary: Most Popular Styles for Men’s Eyeglasses in Summer 2019

Eyeglasses are essential in shaping your image, and they should always support your lifestyle. When shopping, consider your style, as it is unique to you and sets you apart from others. 


Here’s a brief recap of the best styles for men’s eyeglasses in Summer 2019:



  • Creatives should seek out thick, plastic frames in a bold color to stand out this summer.
  • Professionals will do best with a more minimalistic look and should stick to thin, rectangular, or oval-shaped frames. 
  • Athletes should consider thin frames and durable, photochromic lenses to eliminate the need for sunglasses.



If you fit in several of these categories, it may be beneficial to select more than a single pair of frames. Whatever you choose, make sure that you can be the happiest and most comfortable in your new style choices this summer. 

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