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Top 3 Eyeglasses Trends for 2020

Blog, Eye Exam, Eye Information, Eyeglasses

Have you been wanting new designer eyewear but need a little guidance on what’s popular? We’re here with a list of some of the top eyeglasses trends for 2020 to help you make your selection.


Get ready to find your signature style. It could be right around the corner. 

Top 3 Eyeglasses Trends for 2020

If you search online for the “best eyeglasses trends for 2020,” you’ll find all sorts of answers, from bold, white frames to transparent eyewear and beyond. Futuristic eyewear is in–but so is vintage eyewear, such as tortoiseshell frames.


With so many options for eyeglasses, we know it can make the shopping experience a little confusing, so we’ve narrowed things down for you. 


The key to staying on top of this year’s fashion trends? The bigger, the better. Opt for eyewear with large lenses to stand out the most, no matter which style of frames you get. 


Here are some top options to consider this year: 

#1: Large, Rectangular Frames

Extra small eyewear is out. Oversized, rectangular frames are in. If you possess a round or oval-shaped face, then rectangular frames are perfect for you. 


These eyeglasses are short and broad, often extending just past your cheekbones. You can find rectangular frames with defined or rounded corners. We also suggest looking for thick frames, which have a vintage appearance that’s all the rage in 2020. 


Give these brown Prada women’s frames ($299) a try if you like this style. And if you’re shopping for a male, consider these black In Style eyeglasses ($69).

#2: Gold Frames

Gold is one of the top colors of the year, making metal frames, transparent eyeglasses, and other types of eyewear stand out even more. The metallic shade is chic and desirable, so don’t be surprised if you have people coming up to you to ask where you bought your eye-catching frames.


Even if you choose thin or semi-rimless frames, gold is the color to go with. Try a pair of gold frames or another neutral color of frames with gold detailing today for a sophisticated look that’s great for the office or school. (And if you want to give off a fun, unique vibe, opt for thick frames. They’ll be the talk of the year.)


These black-gold Heritage frames ($179) are a huge hit for women. For men, we recommend these gold DbYD frames ($99).

#3: Flat-Top Frames

If you’re looking for flexible eyewear that gives off a minimalist, sporty, or relaxed vibe (depending on the outfit you pair it with), consider flat-top frames. You can even wear this style of eyeglasses to work. 


Just be sure to select a shade that flatters your attire. And what better color to go with than black? Black is for statement frames. Select this color, and prepare to make an impression.


These black Ray-Bans ($219) are perfect for women, while these black Miki Ninn frames ($49) are just what every man needs. 

Top 3 Eyeglasses Trends for 2020

Summary: Eyewear Trends for 2020

Start your shopping experience off right by knowing the top eyeglasses trends for 2020. Oversized eyewear is in this season, as is anything futuristic, but of course, there are always vintage styles that stay on trend every year. Tortoiseshell frames are one of them.


In 2020, we recommend trying out one of these styles:


  • Large, rectangular frames
  • Gold frames
  • Flat-top frames


Your eyewear is around for more than just vision correction. Treat it like an accessory, and get ready to feel more confident than you’ve felt all year when you do. 

Locate an optical store in your neighborhood today to browse our designer eyeglasses for men and women. For Eyes offers free adjustments, cleanings, and screw replacements for life. (Don’t forget to tell your friends!)

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