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The Top Picks for Men’s Sunglasses in Summer 2020

Blog, Eye Exam, Eye Information, Eyeglasses, Face Shape

With summer almost here, it’s time to start thinking about your eyewear. Ultraviolet (UV) light is a top concern during the seasons when you spend more time outside in the sun, so sunglasses that block 99 to 100 percent of UV rays are essential for this time of year.


When you shop for outdoor eyewear at For Eyes, we promise the right level of UV protection. (We even offer a UV-protective coating for regular eyeglasses!) But just as safeguarding your eyes from the sun is important, finding a stylish pair of shades is, too.


If you don’t know where to start your search for the best men’s sunglasses in Summer 2020, follow along. Our quick guide is here to help. 

3 Leading Styles for Men’s Sunglasses in Summer 2020

Summer 2020 is all about protecting your eyes while wearing large, modern lenses. Your frames should be a reflection of your personality, so when choosing between the different types of sunglasses, be sure to take that into consideration.


When you find sunglasses that feel and look like you, it makes a huge difference in your comfort level. If you’d like to make a splash with your men’s sunglasses in Summer 2020, start with one of these top styles:

Style #1 (Sleek): Metallic, Rectangular Sunglasses

Every man needs a pair of sleek, rectangular sunglasses. Metallic shades, such as gold and silver, are timeless. If you buy one pair of metallic men’s sunglasses, it can last you for years to come (with the right care). 


Give these ruthenium-black Polaroids ($99) a try if you’re looking for eyewear that’s as classy as it is comfortable. The sunglasses feature high-quality, polarized lenses that give you a fantastic perception of colors and shapes. 

Style #2 (Cool): Aviators With Dark Lenses

Aviators have been in style for ages, and there’s no stopping them now. Summer is the perfect time to break out this trendy type of eyewear. Purchase aviators with dark lenses for the ultimate fashion statement. 


These black Ray-Bans ($159) have a bold, green hue on the lenses. A popular color in Summer 2020, green lenses have a cool, unique appearance that’s suitable for all events, from work to play. 

Style #3 (Modern): Blue and White Statement Sunglasses

White is one of the best colors for summer. Rock this shade with a pair of statement sunglasses that feature pops of blue on the frames or lenses. Thick frames complement white the best. 


The blue and white Solaris men’s sunglasses ($69) are perfect for you if you love statement sunglasses. With their futuristic, white frames and dark-blue lenses, you’ll feel so exclusive and contemporary that you’ll want to wear the sunglasses everywhere. 

The Top Picks for Men’s Sunglasses in Summer 2020

Summary: The Top Styles for Men’s Sunglasses in Summer 2020

With so many eyewear options to choose from these days, we know it can’t always be easy to find the best men’s sunglasses. So, we’ve made it our mission to save you time by putting some of this season’s hottest trends in one place.  


Try one of these leading styles for men’s sunglasses in Summer 2020:


  • Metallic, Rectangular Sunglasses: This style of eyewear is perfect if you desire a polished, put-together look that can suit any occasion. 
  • Aviators With Dark Lenses: Feel sporty and cool at the same time while rocking a pair of aviators with unique lenses in shades such as dark green. 
  • Blue and White Statement Sunglasses: Look innovative in bold-colored shades with contemporary, thick frames. 


And if you’re interested in upgrading your lenses before summer hits, our local optical team is happy to help. 

Find an office near you today for assistance. 

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