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Tortoise Shell and Vintage

With what’s old becoming new again, tortoise shell frames and vintage shapes and styling are back in vogue. Even cat’s eye frames are making a comeback. See what else has inspired these throwback designs.

front ray ban 0RX6372M brown

front tommy hilfiger 1400 grey

Transparent and Acetate

Transparent and tinted frames are making a comeback. Just like all the see-through tech of the 90s, these frames add a touch of form while showing the function throughout. Similarly, acetate glasses are more in than ever. These lightweight designs will help you show off your own personal features as much as your personal tastes.


You may not be surprised to find out that bold frames and colors are still in. These outrageous frames make a big statement and draw lots of attention. But in a good way. See if you’re brave enough to bring out the boldness in your style with these larger-than-life glasses.

front heritage HEBF03 red