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Should I Wipe the Fog off My Glasses With My Shirt?

Blog, Eye Information, Eyeglasses

If you’re like most of us, you wear your glasses daily. And it’s easy to reach for your t-shirt to clean the lenses if you do. However, while this option for cleaning your glasses is convenient, whether you should wipe the fog off your glasses with your shirt–and whether it actually helps–is important to consider.

Should I wipe the fog off my glasses with my shirt? 

T-shirts contain cotton fibers, which form the soft materials we love so much. The small fibers can scratch your lenses, though. Whenever you choose to use your shirt to clean your glasses, it’s as if you are using sandpaper. This makes using fabrics one of the worst ways to clean your glasses, so you should never wipe the fog off your glasses with your shirt. 


Using your shirt to clean your glasses can also smudge them even more since the cotton fibers trap dirt. Food particles can also stain your shirt and transfer onto your lenses, which is why you shouldn’t use your shirt to touch up your eyewear.

What should I do if my glasses are smudged?

The answer to, ‘Should I wipe the fog off my glasses with my shirt?’, is always no. Instead of using your shirt to clean your glasses or remove smudging, store a microfiber cloth in your purse for easy access. Before you use it, remember to wash your hands. 


You can also use these tips for cleaning your eyewear


  • Rinse your eyewear in lukewarm water–never hot.
  • Use a gentle soap, eyeglass cleaning solution, or lens wipes to clean your glasses.
  • Dry your eyewear with a microfiber cloth or a cleaning cloth from your eye doctor.

Summary: How should I wipe the fog off my glasses?

Many people want to know, ‘Should I wipe the fog off my glasses with my shirt?’, since it’s a fast and affordable way to clean your glasses. However, using your shirt can scratch your lenses, and it can transfer even more debris onto your frames. 


The fabric in your shirt is also too harsh on your eyewear, which is why you should use a microfiber cloth instead for cleaning your glasses. This will help your lenses hold up better against any activities you choose to do. 


Knowing the proper way to clean your eyewear is vital to helping you see better. And the more you take care of your glasses, the longer your lenses can last.

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