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With eye doctors open on Saturday, Sunday, and during evening hours, it’s easier than ever to find time for your next eye appointment. If you haven’t seen an optometrist in over a year, take five minutes today to book an exam with an eye specialist near you.

For those with schedules that change on a moment’s notice from week to week, you can take advantage of our walk-in eye appointments. Simply stop in or call us today to check out our availability for eye examinations.

Reasons to Have an Annual Eye Appointment

#1: Your eyeglass or contact lens prescription can change. 

From childhood to adulthood, your prescription for corrective eyewear can change. For instance, children can experience their first vision issues once they enter school, as their eyes are challenged more than usual due to long periods of focusing and close-up work. (Source) So, your child may not have needed eyeglasses before, but they may now. 

Adults tend to experience the most eye issues after age 40. This age is when presbyopia is most likely to occur, and it’s often unavoidable. (Source) By ensuring you have the most up-to-date prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses, you can enjoy clear, crisp vision no matter your age.


#2: The eye doctor can look for underlying health conditions and eye issues.

Are you wondering what to expect at your eye doctor appointment? Eye exams take only an hour to an hour and a half (on average), and your eye doctor can use them to diagnose you for a variety of eye and vision complications. At your eye appointment, your optometrist can even look for signs of other underlying health problems, such as diabetes or high blood pressure. 

The first symptoms of these conditions often start in the eyes, and they’re easier to detect with frequent visits to the eye doctor. If your optometrist learns you have an eye disease or a health issue, they may direct you to a specialist for further evaluation.


#3: Increased screen time can impact your vision more than you may realize. 

If you’re like most, you use the computer or your smartphone for several hours per day. This poses issues with your eyes and puts you at risk for computer vision syndrome, also known as digital eye strain. For those with refractive errors or eye focusing problems before the increased screen time, you may be at an even higher risk of visual issues when using digital devices. (Source)

It can also be challenging to monitor your child’s screen time when you’re not home. If your child is an avid computer user or plays video games, having an annual eye examination is even more essential. Otherwise, your child may experience blurry vision or eye strain, which may require vision correction. 

Comprehensive Eye Exams vs. Contact Lens Exams

A comprehensive eye exam involves a series of tests to inspect your eyes for refractive errors and multiple other issues. However, if you desire contact lenses, the eye doctor will perform a comprehensive contact lens exam. 

A contact lens exam may last a bit longer than a regular eye appointment and will involve additional tests, such as corneal topography and a tear film evaluation. The optometrist will also make sure contacts are right for your eyes and show you how to wear them before sending you home with a trial pair.

Do most of your optical stores offer walk-in eye appointments?

Our availability varies by the day and location. We recommend stopping into your local store to confirm if our team is ready for you.

Why should I have an eye examination if I’ve already had a vision screening?

A vision screening allows an optometrist to check for basic eye issues, but they can’t make a proper diagnosis without a comprehensive eye exam. You’ll also need a thorough exam to update your prescription and check for underlying eye health problems.

How do I know what to expect at an eye doctor appointment for my child?

Your child’s eye appointment will be similar to yours. If your child is too young, we may ask your (and their) permission before speaking to them or asking questions about their eyes. For specifics on what to expect at a child’s eye exam, check out our blog here.

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