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Make your mark with the right men’s eyewear. 

Vision correction plays a vital role in our everyday lives, and with the selection of men’s eyeglasses at For Eyes, you can’t go wrong. Give your eyes what they deserve by finding the best prescription lenses. As a bonus, get frames that help your personality shine through. 

You wear your eyeglasses all the time, so why not find a pair that feels like you? Click below to find your nearest store, or scroll down for tips on how to find quality frames that are right for your lifestyle. 


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What brands of men’s eyeglasses do we offer?

Men sunglassesFor Eyes is home to a variety of designer brands for men’s eyeglasses. If your goal is to feel and look exclusive for your next big meeting, this type of eyewear is the way to go. 

High-end brands, such as Gucci and Ray-Ban, are easy to recognize, and they give the impression of status, which could be that missing piece you need to get that new job or score that long-awaited deal. 

Here are some of the brands that are available at For Eyes: 

  • Burberry
  • DbyD
  • Gucci 
  • Heritage
  • Hugo Boss
  • Nike
  • Oakley
  • Ray-Ban
  • Tommy Hilfiger

Among these brands, we offer an assortment of styles, from aviators to Wayfarer frames. Get ready to win with our exclusive selection of men’s eyewear. We have every look you need to succeed and make a statement. 

What are the highest quality frames and lenses for men’s eyeglasses?

At For Eyes, we offer nothing but quality men’s eyewear that you can count on. And we’re dedicated to giving you the education you need to find the best value for your investment. If you want to know what materials are of the highest quality, start here. 

Titanium frames are a typical go-to for those who want something extra durable and high quality, and they are a viable option for those looking for something lightweight. Titanium is also flexible, which makes it a great solution for those with more active, sporty lifestyles. 

As for lenses, polycarbonate is an excellent alternative to glass and plastic, which can be less durable. You can also add coatings to improve the quality of your lenses. Popular options include blue-light protection, scratch-resistance, and UV protection. You can also look for photochromic lenses if you want high-powered eyewear that doubles as your men’s eyeglasses and sunglasses. Feel free to ask your local For Eyes for more information on which would best suit your lifestyle and needs. Overall, it’s important you find men’s eyeglasses that suit whatever activities you do on a day-to-day basis, so don’t be afraid to ask your eye professional for their opinion on which of our various materials and styles would work best. A simple conversation can ensure that you have the most quality men’s eyeglasses that we have to offer. 

What happens if you like specific frames, but the existing lenses don’t meet your expectations? We can take a look to see if it’s possible to swap out the lenses or add special coatings as needed. Our goal is to help you have the best experience with us, and customizing your eyewear is the least we can do. 

How do you choose the right style for men’s eyeglasses for your face shape?

Men face shape sunglasses

Every man is different, and there’s not one pair of men’s eyeglasses that is a “one size fits all.” Depending on your face type, certain shapes and sizes of eyewear may suit you better. Also, if there’s a specific facial feature you’d like to emphasize, the right men’s eyeglasses can help.

Here are some guidelines to help you determine which styles for men’s eyeglasses would best suit your face shape: 

  • An elongated length and broad cheekbones characterize an oval-shaped face. Those with an oval-shaped face may look best in frames that range from sizes thin to large with rectangular lenses. A second option is lenses with a more rounded bottom, which can give the wearer a more refined look.
  • A heart-shaped faceis wide at the forehead and slimmer at the bottom of the face. If you have this face shape, consider larger styles, such as aviators or rectangular frames. 
  • If your face has less angular features and your forehead and jaw are the same widths, you have a round-shaped face. This face type lends itself to more angular men’s eyeglasses, such as thin or oversized, square-shaped frames.
  • As someone with sharper features and a broad forehead and jaw, you’d be considered to have a square-shaped face. Try out frames with round-shaped lenses to counterbalance your facial characteristics. 
  • Those who have a triangle-shaped face have a wide forehead and thin jawline. If this is you, consider semi-rimless frames or small, oval-shaped frames. These can both reduce the appearance of the broad upper facial region. 

While your face shape is a great way to pinpoint a flattering pair of men’s eyeglasses, the possibilities don’t stop there. You can choose your eyewear based on the profession or style you’re trying to embrace. For instance, you can rock “the gentleman” look by seeking out semi-rimless frames with sufficient details and textures on the browline. Pair these with prints, such as a tortoiseshell, for an even more sophisticated appearance. 

Another popular look for creatives is oversized, round frames. The oversized, rounded look is not only flattering but also fashionable. When you have men’s eyeglasses like these, you’ll feel confident to tackle any project or challenge that comes your way. Now, if you prefer sports, wraparound frames with special lenses may better suit your active, outdoorsy lifestyle. The opportunities are endless. And we’re happy to help narrow down your options. 

What are the best lens coatings for men’s eyeglasses?

While men’s eyeglasses are a great way to make a statement, you can incorporate various types of lens coatings to increase their functionality as well. If you’re interested in the many different features that you can include with your lenses, here are some of our best options: 

  • Anti-Reflective Coating: This can be a great addition to your lenses if you spend a lot of time outdoors. It can alleviate eye strain by reducing glare and halos around bright lights. If you live in an area with a lot of sun, you need this coating for men’s eyeglasses in your life. 
  • Blue-Light Protective Coating: We’re exposed to blue light daily through the sun and our electronic devices. Getting a blue-light protective coating on your lenses can reduce the impact of digital eye strain due to prolonged time in front of the screen. So, if you are a frequent computer user, consider adding this coating onto your new men’s eyeglasses.
  • Scratch-Resistant Coating: Those who suspect they may be hard on their eyewear would benefit from a scratch-resistant coating. It can protect your lenses from scuff marks and wear and tear from everyday use. Opt for these if you work in an industry where it feels like you’re taking your men’s eyeglasses off more often than you put them on. (Another way to reduce scratch marks is to keep your eyewear in a protective case when you’re not wearing it.)

Think you would benefit from more than one of these coatings? No problem. Just ask your eye professional, and we can make it happen. Let us help you make the most of your experience in wearing men’s eyeglasses. You deserve nothing but the best. 

How can you tell if your men’s eyeglasses fit?

Men's eyeglasses

A proper fit is vital for those who want to get the best use out of their new men’s eyeglasses, as an improper fit can affect the way you see things and may not improve your vision. If your eyeglasses do not fit, you may not wear them as often as you should, which also doesn’t help your eyesight. 

Here are some tips and tricks to make sure that your new pair of men’s eyeglasses fits:

  • Your frames should be of equal width to your face, and they should rest on your nose without a space between this area and the frames. If the opening is too large, the eyeglasses can slide out of place, so a proper nose fit is essential.
  • If you’re experiencing discomfort behind your ears, the temples may be the wrong size or your eyeglasses may be too small. Check the length of the eyeglasses to make sure they are right for you. If the temple length is incorrect, we can adjust them for free to stop any pinching.
  • Your eyeglasses should not rest on your cheeks, as they can leave unpleasant marks and may lift when you smile. These issues can occur if your eyeglasses are too heavy for your face, if the frames are too large, or if you have a low nose bridge. However, the quick fix is to adjust your new men’s eyeglasses. If you need help, check with the eye care professionals at For Eyes so that we can assist you. We are happy to help in any way we can.

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