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Kids' Sunglasses

Looking for the best “kids sunglasses near me?” Discover amazing brands at reasonable prices here at your local For Eyes. It’s time to start shopping.


Get the latest designer sunglasses for kids. 

Sunglasses are essential to protect your eyes--but even more so for kids. That’s why we carry top brands of sunglasses for both genders and all age groups. Your kid will love the styles, and you’ll appreciate the value.

Help your little one explore all of our kids sunglasses at your nearest For Eyes today. We are excited to see which ones are their favorites. 

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How do you choose the best sunglasses for children?

In shopping for “kids sunglasses near me,” consider what qualities are important to you. From our experience with parents, most are looking for UV protection and style for when your kids are playing outdoors with their friends.

If these traits are important to you, you’ll be happy to know that For Eyes offers complete UV protection for children’s eyewear, which will keep extra UV rays from reaching your child’s eyes. As for the style, we carry a wide range of kids sunglasses, so your little one has options when narrowing down the best pair.

For sunglasses, the type of lens is essential. We recommend purchasing youth sunglasses with polycarbonate lenses, which are less likely to shatter upon impact than most alternatives.

You might also consider mirrored, polarized, or tinted lenses to give your child an extra level of eye protection. While these aren’t our only options for lenses, they’re some of our most popular, and we’d love to walk you through our offerings in person to help you make an informed decision. 

What are your options for youth polarized sunglasses? 

Polarization is a popular choice for adults and children alike. It’s a special coating on the lenses, which blocks out extra light that can impair your vision. Many people like this type of eyewear because it provides a great perception of contrast, shapes, and colors. Not to mention, it gives you glare-free vision without eye fatigue. 

If your child is interested in youth polarized sunglasses, know that you have plenty of options at For Eyes. We can add various coatings to sunglass lenses, and polarization is just one of them. 

Tip: Remember to add an anti-scratch coating, too, as children tend to be hard on eyewear.

How do you get polarized sunglasses for your child? Once your child has decided on a pair of kids sunglasses, take them to the counter, and ask one of our eye specialists if that brand qualifies for polarized lenses. If it does, we’ll be happy to coat the lenses and provide any other assistance you may need. 

More FAQ on Kids Sunglasses:

Are kids prescription sunglasses necessary? 

While prescription sunglasses aren’t required for kids or adults, they come in handy. This type of eyewear works by giving you the same level of visual coverage that you have with regular glasses, providing better eyesight wherever you go. 

Do you sell Oakley kids sunglasses?

Our offerings at each store can vary. Please give your nearest For Eyes a call to see if we have Oakley sunglasses for kids at that location. 

Can I order my kid sunglasses online?

As of right now, For Eyes does not sell kids sunglasses online. The best way to get new outdoor eyewear for your child is to bring them into one of our stores and have them try on a few pairs. Our optical team will ensure the sunglasses fit before sending you home. 

Need to find a quality pair of kids sunglasses?

Look no further. Our team has a wide range of youth eyewear to choose from, including kids designer sunglasses. Come into a store near you to browse your options today.

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