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Kids Glasses: Buying Them Online vs. In-Store

Blog, Eye Exam, Eye Information, Eyeglasses, Glasses for Kids

The moment you realize your child needs glasses, you may be quick to rush to the eye doctor’s office. After all, corrective eyewear is essential to your child’s eyesight, so it’s only natural to want to get them glasses as soon as possible.


But is it better to buy kids glasses online vs. in-store? Let’s discuss your options so you can make the best decision for your family’s needs. 

Buying Kids Glasses Online vs. In-Store

There’s no question about the fact that it’s easier to purchase items online vs. in-store. However, when it concerns kids glasses, purchasing online without having your child try them on first is risky. This is because every child is different, so even though a pair of glasses might look perfect online, they may not fit in person. 


The wrong fit may cause you to have to make a trip to a store to get the glasses adjusted anyway, which can cost you time and money. Luckily, when you choose glasses from For Eyes, we can adjust them at no cost to you, so one trip to the eye doctor is all you need. 


Knowing this, you may ask yourself what the point is of browsing kids glasses online at all. However, there are several benefits. For instance:


  • You can save time by knowing what your child wants before going to the store.
  • You can learn about the best brands, lenses, and materials for kids glasses.
  • You can find out about special offers.


As with any accessory purchase, learning about the eyewear styles you like online before driving to a store can make the shopping experience easier all around.

Benefits of Buying Kids Glasses In-Store vs. Online

Free Adjustments: Buying kids glasses in-store vs. online is an excellent option because it allows you to work with the eye care team one on one to ensure a proper fit. A technician will have your child sit in a chair and adjust the frames for free, focusing on the bridge and temples. 


If you order online, you would need to adjust the glasses yourself, or you’d have to drop by a store for assistance. Choosing to go to a store first can give you the opportunity to ask any questions. 


Personalized Recommendations: Another great reason for buying kids glasses in-store vs. online is the personalized suggestions from the eye care team. You can feel free to ask about the best brands for your child based on their personality. 


The eye care team may also suggest certain lenses or special coatings that they feel would benefit your child. For instance, a scratch-resistant coating is popular for kids glasses because children are prone to dropping them. When you buy glasses online, you miss the opportunity for one-on-one help from experts who recommend the best kids glasses to others daily. 

Summary of Kids Glasses: Buying Them Online vs. In-Store

While buying kids glasses online may be convenient, it’s better to purchase them in-store. This allows you to make sure the glasses fit your child, have any adjustments made, and receive personalized suggestions from your child’s eye doctor.


Instead of purchasing your child’s eyewear online, go to your local For Eyes for help. We are happy to make recommendations to ensure your child is comfortable in their new frames. 

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