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Kid's Eyeglasses


Kids Glasses

Your child deserves eyewear they can feel confident in. If you’ve been asking yourself where’s the best place to “buy kids eyeglasses near me,” you’re in luck. We have an incredible selection of frames for boys and girls of every age group.


Finding new eyeglasses for your kids should be fun. 

Shopping for children’s eyewear shouldn’t be difficult. Turn to For Eyes if you need assistance in finding the best frames for your kids. We can help you select eyewear that your little ones can’t wait to show off at school, and you’ll find the quality and value worth getting just as excited about.

Browse our frames below, or drop by your nearest For Eyes to have your kids try them on in person. We can’t wait to see the style you choose. 

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How do you know your child needs eyeglasses?

If your child has never complained about their vision, knowing if they need corrective eyewear can be challenging. Your kids may not always tell you when their eyes hurt, and they may not realize that needing vision correction could be the problem.

To keep tabs on their eyesight, we recommend scheduling your child an annual eye exam with an eye doctor near you. The optometrist will test your child’s eyes to see if a pair of kids eyeglasses could help their vision. 

Here are some signs of needing eyeglasses to watch for in the meantime: 

  • Squinting or closing one eye
  • Moving closer to the TV than usual
  • Keeping books and cell phones near their face
  • Eye pain or frequent migraines
  • Trouble focusing on routine tasks
  • Rubbing their eyes at random intervals 

These symptoms can indicate a refractive error, including astigmatism, farsightedness, or nearsightedness, so it’s best to inform your child’s eye doctor if you’ve noticed your child having any issues as listed above. (Source) Our team would love to see your child and help them find out if vision correction is the best route. 

What are the best eyeglasses for kids?

The best eyeglasses for kids fit well and are durable enough to withstand the most rigorous outdoor activities. We have a vast selection of children’s eyewear in top brands, including Ray-Ban. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know the type of look your child wants. You can have them view our selection below, or bring your little one into the store to try some on. 

Just remember: 

  • Kids can be tough on their eyeglasses, so you’ll want a scratch-resistant coating to prevent scuff marks and prolong the eyewear’s lifecycle. 
  • The eyewear may not fit the first time your child tries it on. Our eye specialists can adjust the frames to ensure your child’s comfort. As your child grows, you can look forward to free adjustments for life.
  • It can take time for your child to adjust to eyeglasses. Let them know about some of their favorite actors or cartoon characters who wear corrective eyewear, too. This will encourage them to wear their eyeglasses more often. 

More FAQ on Kids Eyeglasses:

Do you have unbreakable eyeglasses for kids? 

There’s always a chance that eyewear can break. However, we do have sports goggles and many other durable eyeglasses for kids, which are made with plastic and polycarbonate lenses. Both of these lens options are affordable and ideal for active children who spend a lot of time outside. 

What vision insurance companies do you take?

Whether you’re looking to purchase new specs for your child or to have a comprehensive eye exam, you’ll be happy to know that we accept most insurance plans. Click here to see a full list of the providers.

Do you sell Nike kids eyeglasses? 

Yes, For Eyes offers a large selection of Nike eyewear for children. You may find the eyeglasses in fashionable colors, such as black, blue, and grey. To find the best style for your kids, have them browse through our selection. Ask if any frames stand out to them, and consider giving your local store a call to see if we carry that pair. 

Ready to make your child’s day? 

Help them find new eyewear. It can take time to adjust to, but school and life, in general, can become so much easier. Click below to search for a store that sells kids eyeglasses in your area. 

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