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Is Switching From Glasses to Contacts Safe?

Blog, Eye Exam, Eye Information, Eyeglasses, Face Shape

Putting on your glasses each morning is an integral part of your daily routine. It keeps your eyes protected from the elements and gives you the clearest vision to go about your day and check the items off your to-do list. 


But while glasses are a phenomenal choice in eyewear, some people change their minds about them. For these people, contacts seem like a better option since they can hide their corrective eyewear while maintaining the same visual coverage.  


Are you thinking about switching from glasses to contacts? Here’s what you need to know.

Is switching from glasses to contacts safe?

In general, it’s safe to convert from glasses to contact lenses. Your Independent Doctor of Optometry will determine the best contacts for your needs after conducting a thorough contact lens exam. They’ll also explain how to clean your contacts, how often you should dispose of them, and how to insert and remove them. 


While switching from glasses to contacts is safe by most standards, there are some things to consider before you make your choice: 


  • Changing your eyewear can cause vision issues while you adapt. 
  • Sleeping in your lenses and forgetting to clean them can lead to eye infections
  • A contact lens exam takes longer than a regular eye exam, so plan accordingly before asking about contacts.
  • There are many types of contacts, including daily wear, extended wear, and toric. Soft lenses and rigid gas-permeable lenses are also available. Answer your optometrist’s questions to the best of your ability to ensure you get the right lenses for you.
  • If you have specific allergies or dry eye syndrome, you might not be able to wear contacts. (Keep in mind that there are special contact lenses and other solutions for these issues, though. Ask your eye doctor for more information.)


Remember to give yourself enough time to get used to your new lenses. If you’ve worn glasses for many years, it can be challenging to change your eyewear. Work your way up to wearing the contacts as prescribed, and don’t forget to switch back to glasses any time your eyes need a break.

Switching From Glasses to Contacts

What is it like going back to glasses after wearing contacts? 

We understand that everyone’s eyes need to rest sometimes–and contacts can put a heavy toll on them, especially if your eyes aren’t staying hydrated. If you’re interested in going back to glasses after wearing contacts, know that there may be an adjustment period. 


It can take a couple of days or weeks to get used to this eyewear again. Switching to glasses temporarily to give your eyes a break is okay, as long as you’re aware it can take time to readapt, and you may have temporary visual distortion. 


Our optometrists recommend having a back-up pair of glasses in case you ever need to give your eyes a break from contacts. Just remember to store them in a case to prevent them from getting scratched or smudged while unused. 

Summary: How is the conversion from glasses to contacts?

When having trouble deciding between glasses vs. contacts, many people end up getting both. Prescription eyewear comes in many forms, and having two to choose from opens up your options for protecting your eyes. 


If you’re interested in switching from glasses to contacts, remember that it’s safe for most people. Whenever you transition between two types of eyewear, you may experience distorted vision or other eye issues. However, these symptoms are often temporary.


Why not start your conversion from glasses to contacts today? Our eye care team would love to assist you.

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