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How to Put on Makeup When Nearsighted

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When you have a refractive error, such as nearsightedness (or myopia), the rules for wearing makeup are different. If you’re farsighted, the goal of your makeup might be to enhance your eyes with less bold colors to prevent them from taking over your face since your lenses are magnified.


And if you’re nearsighted, your glasses might make your eyes look smaller, so you can feel free to go a little bolder and brighter with the eye makeup. Are you wondering how to put on makeup when nearsighted and what tips can help with a flawless application? 


You’ve come to the right place. 

How to Put on Makeup When Nearsighted

Before we dive into the top makeup tips for nearsighted people, you should know what nearsightedness is and how it impacts your eyes. Nearsightedness happens when your eye is oversized or if your cornea has a greater-than-average curve. 


These two factors prevent your eyes from moving light to the retina, which can make things in the distance appear out of focus. However, while your distance vision might be affected by nearsightedness, you’ll have clear near vision.


Here’s how to put on makeup when nearsighted:

Step #1: Apply your favorite liquid foundation and concealer

Liquid products come in handy for glasses’ wearers since they lack fallout. This can speed up your makeup application and the clean-up process. (What more can you ask for?) 


Apply a quality liquid foundation with a makeup sponge when you’re ready. Then, go in with a concealer that matches your skin tone. Put it on with a clean brush or sponge for a smooth application. (Just be sure not to press it too hard or massage it into the skin. You’ll want to dab it in gently.)


Step #2: Line your eyes. 

Traditional black eyeliner should be a staple in every nearsighted woman’s makeup bag. After you’ve applied a quality liquid foundation and concealer, line your upper lash line with your favorite eyeliner. 


If you wear thick frames, feel free to do thicker eyeliner. And if your frames are thin, make sure your eyeliner is also thin to keep everything proportionate. Once it comes time to do the waterline, stick with a light color, such as white, to enhance your eyes even more. 

Step #3: Put on bold eye makeup with a slight sparkle

You deserve to shine–and so do your eyes. Since nearsightedness can make your eyes look a little smaller behind corrective eyewear, go all out with your eye makeup, from your eyeshadow to your mascara. 


Any shade of eyeshadow will do on the eyelid, especially neutral tones, such as beige and pink. We recommend a darker color in the crease and edge of your eyelid to bring out your eyes the most. Make sure that whatever eyeshadow you choose comes with a little sparkle to emphasize your eye size. (And don’t forget your handy-dandy highlighter for your brow bone!) 

How to Put on Makeup When Nearsighted

Summary: Applying Makeup If You’re Myopic

Nearsighted people struggle to see things that are far away, which can affect the rules for wearing eye makeup. For nearsighted glasses, you might find that your eyes appear smaller than usual. We recommend going all out with bold color choices and thicker eye makeup.


Here’s how to put on makeup when nearsighted:


  • Apply a quality liquid foundation and concealer.
  • Go bold with your eyeliner.
  • Use a shimmery shade of eyeshadow for your eyelid and a darker color in the crease. 


Ready to kick your makeup look up a notch? Try these tips today.

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