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How to Put on Makeup When Farsighted

Blog, Eye Exam, Eye Information, Eyeglasses

Did your eye doctor tell you that you need glasses for farsightedness (or hyperopia)? If you’re new to vision correction, we understand that this information can be stressful, and you might be unsure about where to start with getting ready in the morning. But don’t worry. There are many ways to look fabulous in eyewear, and one of our personal favorites is with makeup.


Keep reading to learn all about how to put on makeup when farsighted. 

How to Put on Makeup When Farsighted

Before you learn the proper makeup techniques for farsightedness, it’s best to understand what farsightedness means and how it can affect your eyes. Farsightedness is a refractive error that provides excellent distance vision but issues seeing things near your face. 


If you’re farsighted, your prescription lenses may be magnified, which can make your eyes appear larger than they are. Here’s how to put on makeup when farsighted:

Step #1: Apply your makeup in front of a magnifying makeup mirror for farsightedness.

A magnifying makeup mirror for farsightedness isn’t essential, but it can make it easier to see while you’re applying your makeup. Using a mirror in a well-lit area can also ensure you match your makeup better to your skin.


Need some help finding the right makeup mirror? Here are some things to keep in mind:


  • Plastic makeup mirrors are portable and easier to transport. If you’re planning to leave your makeup mirror on your bathroom counter or another hard surface, metal is sufficient. 
  • Consider a mirror with lights if there’s not a lot of natural light where you plan to put the mirror. Working in natural lighting can provide an overall better makeup application. 

Step #2: Use a creamed-based foundation and concealer.

Glasses for farsightedness can magnify your eyes and face, so it’s best to steer clear of dewy or shimmery makeup. Stick with a cream foundation, building up to full or partial coverage as needed. It can be quick to put on and easy to clean up since there won’t be any fallout. 


Concealer is also essential for your under-eye area since your magnified prescription can make your dark circles look more prominent. Remember to dab the concealer into your skin instead of rubbing it in to help it blend better. 

Step #3: Put on eye makeup with neutral tones. 

We recommend using neutral-colored eyeshadow to brighten your eyes without having them overtake your face since your glasses already magnify them. Gold and peach are two popular, neutral eyeshadow options that can add color to your skin without overdoing it. 


You can also opt for shades of brown for a youthful, natural appearance. Consider a smoky eye with these shades of eyeshadow above your eye and on your lower lash line instead of eyeliner for a gorgeous, new look. 

How to Put on Makeup When Farsighted

Summary: Makeup Tips for People With Hyperopia 

Farsightedness can give you superior distance vision but subpar near vision, which may cause your optometrist to prescribe magnifying lenses. These lenses can make your eyes look larger than usual, so different makeup guidelines may apply to you.


These tips on how to put on makeup when farsighted can help: 


  • Use a makeup mirror for farsightedness.
  • Turn to cream or liquid face makeup. Don’t forget your concealer. 
  • Stick with neutral-toned eye makeup.


Want more general tips for wearing makeup? Find out more about how to look good in glasses with makeup here

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