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How to Find the Best Eye Doctor for Kids

Blog, Eye Exam, Eye Information, Eyeglasses, Face Shape

Did you know that children with unresolved vision problems can have issues in the classroom and with sports? Working with the right children’s eye doctor is crucial to staying ahead of these problems so that your little one can enjoy a happy, fulfilled life. 


Keep reading to find out when to bring your child to see an eye doctor for kids (and how you can find a great one). 

When to Take Your Child to the Eye Doctor for the First Time

Have you been wondering, ‘When should I take my child to the eye doctor for the first time?’ We suggest bringing them in for a comprehensive eye exam at 6 months old, age 3, and every year after age 6 (when the visual challenges from school become more intense). The optometrist will use an age-appropriate child eye test chart to assess their eyes. 


And don’t stress too much about your toddler’s eye exam. Our optical team has worked with kids of all ages since 1972, and we put a lot of effort forth to make you–and your child–feel as comfortable as possible.

How to Find the Best Eye Doctor for Kids

Who your child sees for their eye care matters. And when you work with For Eyes, you’ll choose from some of the kindest, most patient optometrists around. All are qualified to work with kids, and we’d love to help your child reach their vision goals, too.


Here are three tips on how to find the best eye doctor for kids: 

Tip #1: Ask your family and friends for recommendations. 

Who better to trust for finding a quality eye care professional than your loved ones? Ask your family members and friends who they take their children to in the area. 


For Eyes has eye doctors open on Saturday, Sunday, and during the week. You’re welcome to stay in the room during your child’s eye exam and to ask any questions you’d like. 

Tip #2: Call to find out what to expect at your child’s eye exam. (And ask questions!)

A great way to see who can provide the service your child needs is by calling an optical store. You can ask what to expect at your child’s eye exam and any other questions you see fit to help you feel more comfortable with your decision.


For Eyes gives you the luxury of having an abundance of eye care information right at your fingertips. Here are some blogs that focus on children’s eye exams:


Tip #3: Ensure the optical provider takes your insurance

Double-check we accept your vision insurance by clicking here. For Eyes works with many insurance companies, such as AARP, CareFirst, Humana, and UnitedHealthcare. Give us a call to verify we take your insurance at your desired location. 


If we do, you’ll just need to bring your driver’s license and a copy of your vision insurance card for your child’s eye doctor appointment. We’ll have your little one checked in and ready to go in no time.

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Summary: Tips for Locating a Great Children’s Eye Doctor

As a parent, you recognize the value of finding an eye professional you can trust. Here’s how to find the best eye doctor for kids:


  • Talk to your family and friends. See who they recommend. 
  • Contact the optical center to see what happens during a child’s eye exam. The right office can tell you what to expect. 
  • Make sure they accept your vision insurance provider. If they do, scheduling an eye exam should be simple.


As always, if you need an eye care provider who’s willing to put forth 100 percent to make you and your child feel at home, For Eyes is here for you. 

Dial your local office today to plan an appointment.

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