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How to Clean Glasses Between the Lenses and Frames

Blog, Eye Exam, Eye Information, Eyeglasses

Have you heard that one of the best ways to help your glasses last is to keep them clean? Knowing how to clean your glasses between the lenses and frames is essential to maintain your investment for longer.


Let’s explore some of the best cleaners for glasses and the necessary steps to wash your new eyewear

What is the best cleaner for glasses?

We recommend using Dawn dish soap or an eyeglass cleaning solution from your optometrist’s office. Dawn dish soap is a gentle liquid that won’t damage your lenses, while an optometrist-provided eyeglass cleaning solution is made for eyewear. 


If you don’t have these solutions on hand, you may be wondering if you can use rubbing alcohol to clean your glasses. While some cleaning formulas for glasses include rubbing alcohol, diluted with water, we suggest steering clear since they can be too rough on most types of lenses. The same goes for Windex

How to Clean Glasses Between the Lenses and Frames

One of our best tips for washing glasses is to hang onto the frames with two (clean) hands. This can keep your eyewear from slipping out of your hands and landing on the lenses, which can cause scratches or other damage. 


Here’s how to clean glasses between the lenses and frames: 

Step #1: Run your glasses under a little warm water.

Anytime you clean your glasses, a quick rinse is paramount. Run the faucet until the water gets warm, and place your glasses under the water until they’re immersed. 

Step #2: Squirt a tiny amount of your cleaning liquid of choice onto the lenses. 

Using gentle motions, massage the Dawn dish soap or eyeglass cleaning solution into the lenses. After you’ve covered the lenses, you can move onto the frames, including the bridge, nose pads, and temples. Make sure to go slow to prevent scratches. 

Step #3: Use a toothbrush or scrubber on the frames where you notice any buildup of debris. 

Glasses can accumulate dust, makeup, and oils from your face if not cleaned often. While your glasses still have soap on them, use a toothbrush or scrubber to remove any debris from hard-to-clean spots, such as the hinges. Pay special attention to any crevices, too. (Remember: You don’t have to do this step every time you clean your glasses–just when you notice a buildup of debris.)

Step #4: Rinse off the cleaning solution. 

Leaving Dawn dish soap or eyeglass cleaner on your eyewear can cause smudging. Once you’ve treated your glasses with cleaner, run them under some lukewarm water, and give them a good shake once you’re done. Make sure to avoid hot water, as high temperatures can impair any special coatings you have on your lenses.

Step #5: Dry your eyewear. 

A clean microfiber cloth is your best bet for cleaning glasses. Avoid using your t-shirt or a paper towel to dry off your lenses or frames since scratching can occur. After you’ve dried your glasses, look them over for any signs of damage. As long as you don’t notice any scratches, your glasses are good to go. 

How to Clean Glasses Between the Lenses and Frames

Summary: Washing Glasses’ Frames and Lenses

Don’t let your new frames go to waste. Make a mental note to wash them daily to fend off the debris and to keep them in the best overall condition. 


Here’s how to clean glasses between the lenses and frames:


  • Run warm water over your glasses. 
  • Drop a little Dawn dish soap or eyeglass cleaner onto the lenses. Massage the liquid into the lenses and frames.
  • If needed, scrub the frames with a toothbrush to get rid of debris. 
  • Rinse your glasses again.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to dry your frames and lenses. 


…And that’s it! You’ll only need a few minutes each day to keep your eyewear looking great. 

Does your eyewear need deep cleaning, but you don’t have the time? Come by your local For Eyes today for assistance. We offer free adjustments, cleanings, and screw replacements for life.

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