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How to Clean Clear Glasses’ Frames

Blog, Eye Exam, Eye Information, Eyeglasses

Transparent frames are one of the trendiest looks of the season. By pairing your glasses with light-colored clothing and neutral makeup, you’re bound to stand out in a crowd.


And knowing how to clean clear glasses’ frames can make you–and your eyewear–look even better. Let’s talk about the steps to clean your eyewear, along with why it’s important to do every day.

How to Clean Clear Glasses’ Frames

To clean clear glasses’ frames, you’ll need to follow the same steps you’d use for other types of eyewear. But since your frames are unique, you may have more people looking at you, so taking the time to clean your glasses daily is even more essential. 


Here’s how to clean clear glasses’ frames: 

Step #1: Wash your hands, and hold your eyewear under a slow stream of lukewarm water for a few moments. 

Immersing your glasses in water can remove any debris or dust that’s been hanging around. Remember never to use hot water since it can damage (or remove) any anti-reflective, scratch-resistant, or other coatings on your lenses. 


Tip: Use both of your hands when cleaning your eyewear to keep it from falling on the ground and breaking the lenses. 

Step #2: Put a small quantity of cleaning solution onto the lenses.

Our recommendation? Use Dawn dish soap or an eyeglass cleaning solution from your eye doctor. All you’ll need is a pea-sized amount on each lens. 


Tip: Steer clear of harsh cleaning liquids, such as those that contain ammonia or rubbing alcohol.

Step #3: Work the cleaner into the frames and lenses.

You’ll want to rub the cleaning solution gently into each lens. Don’t forget to take care of the frames, too. The nose pads tend to get dirty fast since they touch your face, so pay special attention to those, as well as the temples. 


Tip: If the cleaning fluid isn’t getting rid of the debris on all parts of the frames, use a toothbrush where there’s the most buildup. 

Step #4: Rinse your glasses again. 

One last rinse is necessary to make sure you get all the soap off your eyewear. You’ll use the same water temperature from before–lukewarm (never hot). Then, shake your glasses over the sink. 


Tip: Inspect your eyewear after to ensure you’ve rinsed off all the eyeglass cleaner. 

Step #5: Dry your frames and lenses. 

You might be tempted to use your shirt to clean your glasses if you’re in a time crunch, but steer clear. A clean microfiber cloth is the better option, and you can ask for one at your local optical store after purchasing new glasses. 


Tip: If you’re out and about and need to wash and dry your glasses fast, stop by your nearest For Eyes. We’ll clean your glasses for free. 

Summary: Keeping Your Clear Glasses Clean

Transparent glasses are one of this year’s most fashionable eyewear trends. And with how much people are loving them, they’re sure to be a staple accessory for the foreseeable future. 


If you wear clear glasses, it’s even more important to keep them clean since they can show more discolorations and scuff marks than most colored frames. Cleaning your glasses every day can also make them shine and more comfortable to see through (a bonus if you wear prescription lenses).


 If you’d like to learn how to clean clear glasses’ frames, start with these simple steps:


  • With clean hands, rinse your eyewear.
  • Add Dawn dish soap or an eyeglass cleaning solution to the individual lenses.
  • Rub the cleaner into the frames and lenses.
  • Wash off the cleaner under a stream of lukewarm water.
  • Pat your eyewear dry with a microfiber cloth.


Washing your eyewear can keep it in the best condition. Set aside time to do it every day, and help your investment last.

Need a professional cleaning? Stop by your nearest For Eyes during our business hours to take advantage of our complimentary cleaning service for glasses.

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